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    Satellite Broadband

    Up to 22Mbps downloads, reliable service, anywhere.

    Available to buy or hire


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    Site CCTV

    Fixed and Wirefree CCTV and Intruder Detection.

    Available to buy or hire


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    Site VoIP Phones

    VoIP phone systems powered by our broadband, or yours.

    Available to buy or hire


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    Site Print and Email

    Efficient, faster site admin through a single device.

    Available to buy or hire


Site Solutions Division

Site connectivity with addons to aid efficiency, productivity, safety and security

Our Site Solutions have been developed in conjunction with challenges our customers set us to implement efficient communications combined with effective security where mainstream systems and technology just don't work in their standard form. We help you with the all important task of bringing in an ever changing range of technology to get your site connected and protected in a cost effective and timely manner. We do this by utilising products and services from across our divisions - delivering them through a single source that helps you streamline procurement processes.

As well as connecting remote sites, our satellite broadband has proven popular on sites in built up areas awaiting conventional infrastructure such as land lines or where infrastructure is not cost effective - a typical example being a construction site that needs an internet connection for the duration of the groundwork and construction phase.

Whilst especially suited to construction and development projects, our site solutions have many applications such as:

Construction and Development Sites


Power Stations

Rail Yards



Remote Sites

Rural Sites and Farms

Event Sites



School and University Campuses

900SAT - cost effective broadband for the here and now

No waiting for landline connections, no reliance on mobile phone network coverage - delivered by satellite

It's not just about satellite technology

Whilst 900SAT is our core site solutions connectivity product, it is often used as a carrier for other services such as site CCTV, Print & Email and VoIP Phone Systems. Our Site Solutions also include equipment such as two way radios, mobile phones, satellite phones, laptops, WiFi and Wirefree CCTV and intruder detection.

Having our own technical team and engineering facilities, we are experienced system integrators.  By understanding the capabilities and limitations of the various communications technologies we can adapt and engineer solutions that bring satellite technology and other systems together.  For example, with connections via the internet we can connect a two way radio system to many sites with ease - with our satellite broadband we can extend the radio system to sites that were just out of reach without huge cost implications.

Visit our 900SAT website for more about our Satellite Broadband.

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