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Site Radios

We provide solutions for all, from basic two way radios to complex multi-site systems

Ninehundred Communications are one of the UK's leading suppliers of two way radio equipment. We supply the best radios from the world's leading manufacturers, using over 40 years of experience to help set us the best possible system for your site.

Hytera PTT products stacked

Hytera PTT

Hytera's Push To Talk system uses the 3G and 4G networks to provide licence free coverage

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Managed by our bespoke platform, choose from a range of services including individual and group calls, real-time tracking and a flexible dispatching solution

Icom PTT products stacked

Icom PTT

Icom's LTE radio system has become one of the most popular radio solutions for many organisations

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Using the 3G and 4G networks, Icom offers instant communication without the need for a repeater or IP network, reducing costs overall.

Motoreola PTT products

Motorola PTT

WAVE PTX is a network independent service using a subscription to connect your team.

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Operating on LTE and Wi-Fi networks, the WAVE system can be used with your Smartphones and your existing Mototrbo radio system.

Satellite PTT Card

Satellite PTT

Icom's IC-SAT1000 Push To Talk system offers real-time communication anywhere on the planet.

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Using 66 satellites, users can immediately start talking to all radios in the same group with just a push of a button through the Icom subscription contract.

Portable radios stacked


Stay connected and communicate seamlessly with our range of portable two-way radios.

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Choose from a variety of radio types including digital, analogue, ATEX and licence-free, as well as from a range of our most popular brands.

Mobile radios stacked


Mobile radios for in-vehicle use, your desktop or for specialist applications

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Whether you need radios in vehicles, for your control stations and offices or as a mechanism to send data from bespoke devices, we provide a wide range of mobiles that utilise analogue, digital or both.

Repeater radios stacked


Improve coverage, Extend coverage

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If you have coverage blackspots within you radio system or you have the need to extend the range of coverage, two way radio repeaters will help do that.

Radios by brands

By Brand

View all of our radio products from the best brands available in the UK

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Ninehundred Communications is proud to be partnered with the below brands:

  • Motorola
  • Hytera
  • Icom
  • Kenwood
CCTV products

900 2Talk Headset

Hands-free communication up to 200 meters apart

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Key Features:

  • Hands-free
  • Bluetooth pairing
  • Easily replaceable components
Multicom headset

900 Multicom Headset

Clear, concise communication up to 400 metres

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Key Features:

  • Up to 10 users
  • OLED Display
  • Up to 600 hours battery life
Peltor headset

Peltor Headsets

Protective headsets with two-way-radio compatibility

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Key Features:

  • Noise Cancelling
  • Water tight microphone
  • Improved speaker
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