Tractor shown in field

Plant Tracking

Track, protect and immobilise moveable assets and plant machinery

Our advanced asset tracking solutions harness the latest technology in the field. We recognise that a single solution doesn't fit all industries benefiting from asset tracking. That's why we provide tailored guidance to determine the best approach for your asset and industry, be it in construction right through to airside operations.

VT202 devices

VT202 Solutions

Our flagship GPS tracker with a host of accessories and additional features to suit every requirement.

Features and benefits of Immobilisation, Driver ID (Keypad, Driver Card or iButton Key), Wireless Temperature Sensors, Panic Buttons, Volumetric Sensors and much more

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M120 device

M120 12.24V Weatherproof

An ideal solution for managing assets that are normally tethered to 12 or 24 volt systems but may sit disconnected for periods of time such as trailers containers, cranes, power generators, heavy plant, mobile stairways etc.

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M72 device

M72 Self Powered

Self-powered tracking device with up to a 7-year battery life, making it perfect for large assets. Perfect for industries such as construction and logistics.

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AT4 device

AT4 Solution

Award-winning, tiny dimension asset tracking solution. Designed for rough and rugged environments, the AT4 is small battery-powered device encapsulated in resin for ultimate protection.

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900Trak Battery Powered Tracking

900 Asset Trak devices

Compact, rugged and no installation required. Track via an online tracking portal

Our 900Trak range utilises battery powered GPS tracking options that offer the flexibility to be used in a wide range of situations and operating environments

900Trak devices can be configured in different ways as required. Track anything, anywhere with the ability to view reports, see notifications, set geo-fencing and unauthorised movement alerts.

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Vehicle Immobilisers

Safeguarding your assets is paramount. Our immobilisers excel in tracking and shielding your vehicles from theft. Versatile in application, they're compatible with trucks, vans, lorries, and even quad bikes. Choose between keypad or fob for tailored security.

Immobiliser shown in asset

The keypad immobiliser provides a robust and secure driver/operator authentication system to prevent theft, unauthorised usage whilst also only allowing qualified personnel operational access. Locking down the asset until an authorised code is typed into the keypad. This works alongside the VT tracking solution offering the ultimate barrier in theft prevention.

Key Features

Up to 4,000 user code memory built in, easily created and deleted by the administrator

The last user/operator identified in case of incidents

Operating voltage 6v - 30v

4/6-digit combination code

Back light keypad for usability

Multi-point immobilisation

Durable construction for plant based assets

Only allow access to trained/qualified operators

Reduces the risk of accidents

Track operator usage and utilisation KPT's

Remotely configurable to create or delete pin codes

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