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Education Solutions

Enhance the safety and efficiency of your education solution

Our integrated solutions streamline daily operations, promoting a more productive and efficient education environment. By combining these innovative technologies, educational institutions can ensure not only the safety of their students and staff but also an environment that supports the growth and development of individuals within the institution.

Radios for Education

Digital Radios are essential in education settings, where seamless communication is paramount, whether it's a small primary school or a large campus with multiple site. Regardless of institution's scale, we offer Digital Two Way Radio systems and tailored solutions that elevate your communication capabilities. Experience heightened functionality and innovative features, ensuring a connected and efficient educated environment.

Primary Schools

In primary schools, clear communication is essential. Our Two Way Radio solutions ensure teams stay connected with crystal-clear audio, promoting efficient and collaborative school environments.

900education primary schools

Our licence-free radios stand as a hassle-free communication solution, ready to use straight out of the box. Designed for smaller coverage areas, they offer a user-friendly experience without the need for on-site installation or annual licence fees. This not only ensures ease of use but also contributes to a cost-effective and efficient communication system tailored to the specific needs of your smaller school.

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Secondary Education

Secondary schools can vary from site to site, some locations may equire compact communication systems, while others demand large and more intricate setups to accomodate site sizes and staff requirements.

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We customise our solutions to meet your specific needs, conducting a thorough assessment of your site and requirements. For smaller sites, our licence-free radios offer a cost-efficient communication syste, providing easy-to-use, effective coverage akin to larger installations.

In the case of larger schools, we advocate for licensed Two Way Radios. This allows us to customise the solution to your unique requirements, ensuring expansive coverage that facilitates swift and clear audio communication across multiple sites. Beyond the fundamental benefits, our licensed radios boast emergency features, grouping capabilities, lone worker, voice announcements, and various other features. This integration capability extends to other on-site security measures, enhancing overall safety and security.

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Further Education

Efficient communication within universities featuring multiple campuses is essential for seamless operations on-site. Our Two Way Radio solutions enable constant contact among staff memebers. With a variety of features and enhancements, our tailored solutions cater to the unique needs of your educational institution.

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Acknowledging the diversity of each site, we understand the perceived challenge in linking them together. Our thorough site assessments guarantee that the solution we provide is tailored to your exact needs.

In scenarios involving multiple campuses, we specialise in implementing comprehensive systems that provide seamless coverage across all sites. This includes crystal-clear audio, enahnced by additional functionalities such as emergency alerts, lone worker, remote monitoring, quick text capabilities, and a variety of other options to elevate the safety and security on site.

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Security for schools

Ensuring the well-being of both staff and students within educational institutions is our top priority. Our comprehensive security solutions are crafted with a deep understanding of your specific site and challenges. This personalised approach allows us to tailor solutions precisely to your needs and seamlessly integrate advanced features.

CCTV Systems

Our extensive range of CCTV Systems allows us to  provide you with complete security solutions, from 4G Solar CCTV, High Definition CCTV, Network Cameras, Video Encoders and CCTV Monitoring to Video Management Software.

As an independent company with no allegiance to a specific manufacturer, we provide unbiased advice to identify the most cost-effective and efficient security solutions for you.

Our engineers are fully compliant with all regulations governing work in educational settings, providing you with absolute peace of mind. In addition, we offer both fully comprehensive and standard maintenance contracts to guarantee maximum efficiency on-site.

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Body Cameras

Capturing evidence has never been easier with our range of body worn cameras, protecting your staff, students and assets with high quality CCTV footage.

Body cameras

Our range of body worn cameras ensure that you can record any altercation from a first person perspective, capture evidence and deter aggressive behaviour. In educational settings, where the safety of staff and pupils is paramount, our body cameras include a range of features designed to meet these crucial needs.

Featuring live-streaming capabilities, GPS tracking, high-quality footage, and a blend of lightweight yet robust designs, these cameras are engineered to maximise safety on your premises. Equipped with both pre and post-recording capabilities, rest assured that you'll never miss a critical moment or incident

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Access Control

We install, maintain and service all types of access control systems from one door or entry/egress point to many.

access control products

Our Access Control products and services don’t just include door access, but extend to intercom systems, car park barriers, gate, staff areas and out of bounds locations for students. This system allows you to control and log access, keeping you in the know about your personnel at all times.

Along with this, we are able to integrate access control with many other security systems including CCTV and Intruder Alarm Systems, increasing efficiency in a cost effective manner.

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Entry Sign

The 900EntrySign System is your ultimate solution for streamlined personnel management.

entry sign image

900EntrySign prints customised visitor passes and at the same time captures important information which can be viewed at any time and used to generate detailed reports afterwards.

Enhance the safety protocols on your site by efficiently managing both known and unknown visitors, contractors, staff and students/pupils. This system ensures a clear, immediate, and accurate overview of the individuals present on your site at any given moment, promoting heightened security measures.

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Threat Detection

Protect your staff and students from threat with our range of threat detection systems, with effective and adjustable sensitivity to targeted metal whilst being fully compliant with the latest security standards.

opengate product

The 900Opengate is the first and only solely open, active high-through fall detection system, setting new standards in security technology. This system is designed for the automatic screening of people and their belongings, allowing for the detection of a number of metal threats such as high calibre assault weapons.

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Handheld Metal Detectors

Our handheld metal detectors, tailored for educational environments, seamlessly blend reliability and ergonomic design with advanced detection features. They ensure effective sensitivity to all metals, compliance with security standards, and immunity to external metal masses. The programmable sensitivity offers unmatched versatility, allowing users to finely adjust performance.

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Handheld metal detectors
Walkthrough metal detector
Metal Detector

Our 900Metal Detector detects firearms and knives, even when they are hidden within body cavities, and accurately indicate the position of the threat, its intensity and its prevalent composition. The device offers quick and accurate analysis of individuals in transit, examining every part of the body from shoe level to the crossbar.

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Alarms and Systems

Pupil safety is not merely a priority but an imperative, prompting us to integrate cutting-edge technology and industry expertise into every facet of school security. Every aspect of our systems and alarms are meticulously designed to contribute to a secure learning environment. By addressing the diverse needs of educational institutions, we aim to create an environment where pupils can thrive without compromise, confident in the knowledge that their safety is paramount.

Public Address System

Facilitate clear communication across your school premises with reliable public address systems. Communicate clearly throughout your campus, no matter how big or small, allowing important messages to reach every corner of your school premises.

PA System

Page staff and students to the main office or give general announcements from one administration point, reducing time for critical information to be spread. In case of emergencies, our systems play a crucial role in securing your pupils. Our public address systems are equipped to relay emergency instructions promptly, contributing to a safer environment for both students and staff.

Invest in a communication solution that not only meets your current needs but also provides flexibility and scalability to support future growth.

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Fire Maintenances

Ensure the safety of students and staff with effective and periodic fire alarm maintenance services. Our fully trained, highly experience fire industry specialists perform complete maintenance checks on your systems to ensure that they fully comply with BS 5839.

Fire alarms

Our team can monitor and schedule all servicing to work around school calendars, ensuring as little disruption to students’ education as possible. Let our wealth of knowledge and specialist skills take care of your sites so you can be fully compliant to all necessary regulations.

Early detection saves lives with swift evacuation, protecting pupils, staff, and visitors.

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Clock Synchronisation

Guarantee precise timekeeping across your school with our analogue LCD, and LED clocks featuring audio speakers, microphones, and remote triggering for bells.

Digital and analogue clock

Keep lessons running on time with synchronisation to a master clock that runs across sites, protecting punctuality for pupils and staff. Productive teaching is vital in any learning environment, allowing for more orderly movement between classrooms and sites.

Reduce intrusive maintenance by ensuring that your clocks all easily controlled by administrators while eliminating confusion from out of sync bells.

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Accurate &

Intruder Alarms

Secure your school premises with professional intruder alarm systems designed for the unique needs of the educational sector. Deter unauthorised access to your premises and alert local authorities instantly.

intruder alarms

Protect hazardous areas within your campus during school hours, preventing forceful access to restricted areas. Outside of school hours, you can be alerted to any entry to the site, protecting against theft and vandals.

Choose from four grades of intruder alarms, access control integration and CCTV system compatibility, providing flexibility for your solution no matter the size of your campus.

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Access Control

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CCTV Systems

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Lower Insurance

Disabled Refuge

Provide a safe learning space for students and educators by adhering to stringent safety measures. Disabled refuge points can provide a safe space to call for assistance in the case of emergencies, whether this is building managers, administrators, or emergency services.

disabled refuge system

Ensure the safety of all individuals with comprehensive inspections, testing, and maintenance of disabled refuge systems. By offering informed choices, we empower schools to select systems that not only meet regulatory requirements but also cater to the specific layout and conditions of their facilities.

By investing in our disabled refuge points, schools not only comply with safety regulations but also contribute to the creation of an inclusive and secure learning environment.

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Telematics for Education

Telematics for school vehicles, from minibuses to larger coaches, has never been more important for student and staff wellbeing. From live driver feedback and vehicle status to constant GPS tracking, you can be assured that safeguarding measures are fully compliant. Offer peace of mind with cutting-edge tracking and telematics solutions for school vehicles.

Vehicle Tracking

Child safety is a priority for both parents and education authorities. With a GPS based tracking system, safety concerns can be addressed in real time with notifications on vehicle location.

vehicle tracking

Geofencing can be set up to alert and notify users when a vehicle enters and leaves premises, allowing live monitoring on all school vehicles and adding additional layers of security. Route optimisation and time scheduling allows the quickest route to be calculated, minimising unneccessary time away from the classroom.

Ensure pick-ups and drop-offs are safe and on-time with traffic analysis and location management. Deviations from routes can be managed and arranged as necessary, allowing notifications to be sent more quickly to parents and guardians regarding delays.

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Movement Alerts

Driver Behaviour

Ensuring a safe environment is always important for child welfare and transportation is no exception. Enhance driver safety using historical data in combination with live driver feedback for a safer experience.

driver behaviour

Drivers can monitor their own scores on our SmartDriver App while a coaching light bar can also provide instant warnings and feedback regarding harsh acceleration and braking. Focus training and education for staff where its needed with personalised analysis to improve safety and effiency.

Increase accountability for students safety by indentifying unsafe behaviours and maintaining strict standards for drivers.

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Vehicle Cameras

Internal and external cameras help to protect children and staff, eliminating blind spots and monitoring behaviour. In-cab screens allow for drivers and staff to monitor all children while external cameras and sensors allow for additional checks.

vehicle cameras image

Using Artificial Intelligence, drivers can see students and pedestrians surrounding the vehicle, even in the darkest conditions. Reduce accidents with sensors to warn of close proximity to other vehicles.

All data is stored safely on an encrypted SD card as well as live streamed to administrators desktops, allowing for real-time capture of events. Store your recordings safely in full accordance to GDPR and Safe Guarding policies.

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Data Recording

Vehicle Maintenance and Service Status

Identify, assess, and address risks before they occur with live reporting of vehicle faults, ensuring child safety within vehicles is paramount. Drivers can use the accompanying SmartDriver App to report faults and complete vehicle safety checks before and after each journey.

maintenance image

Prevent accidents, ensuring children and staff experience fewer delays, by receiving live fault reports. Control risks and costs with the ability to act sooner, keeping children on the move and in the classroom for longer. Our system provides a holistic approach to vehicle maintenance and safety, proactively addressing issues, enhancing safety, and prioritizing the wellbeing of children during transportation.

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