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900Site Secure

Manage your site to keep it secure and intruder-free whilst also being sustainable

900Site Secure effectively oversees your site, deterring intruders and ensuring leak and fire monitoring. Utilising solar power, these products are rapidly deployed and can be remotely monitored. With the ability to reach up to 2,000 metres away, this portfolio is perfectly suited for a wide range of site locations.

The 900Site Sentry is the perfect application for all work areas in need of a sturdy device that can be used remotely.

site sentry shown on track

Our rapidly-deployable sentry unit is able to be controlled through solar power, utilising the day and working through the night, on alert from any intruders. This in-field, rapidly deployed, visual deterrent that houses a chosen selection of 900Site Secure devices, all of which help the armoured husk keep a maintained view from all angles, night or day, once it is placed.

The 900Site Sentry is maintained and managed by our 900Site Secure Hub, this then offers a visual verification that instantly assesses the situation. Communication with the outside world is critical for the security system control panel. Its reliability and stability guarantee timely alarm transmission to the security company and users.

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Free Unit



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Motion cam mounted on wall

900Site Secure MotionCam

The 900Site Secure MotionCam is a wireless motion detector for outdoor use with an in-built photo camera. Photos are taken only in case of motion alarm, providing users and security companies with fast and protected visual verification of alarms.

False alarm Preventative Measures

The 900Site Secure MotionCam features a system of two independent PIR sensors that collect enough data to analyse the threats reality with our two-step software algorithm. This complex algorithm compares the frequency components of sensor signals, due to the know-how of the system it can easily guarantee the detector accuracy.

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Pet Immunity

Device with ceiling mount sending signal

Hub Reach Of
Up To 1700M

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Up To 3 Year
Battery Life

Siren alarm mounted on wall with alarm triggered

900Site Secure Siren

900Site Secure Siren is flexible when it comes to settings which makes it as relevant in a quiet gated community as in a loud industrial area. The buzzer can be set to generate sound from 85 to 113 dB for an adjustable period: from 3 seconds to 15 minutes.

Reacts to alarms in a split second

The 900Site Secure Siren needs less than a second to activate a powerful siren and bright LED indicators in response to an alarm signal. Any break-in will be immediately exposed.

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Door Opening

Speaker in circle icon


Battery with circular arrow icon

Up To 3 Year
Battery Life

Leak detect shown in pool of water

900Site Secure Leak Protect

Perfect for places that you can't quite see but know there are possible chances of leaks or other breaches, the 900Site Secure Lead Protect is a wireless addressable flood detection device. It can protect your home from broken pipe leaks with four pairs of contacts for detecting first signs of flooding.

The 900Site Secure Leak Protect provides fast and reliable communication between hubs and connected devices. The protocol delivers instant data-rich alarms so security companies and users know which device was triggered, when and where it happened.

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Spanner with a cog with a clock inside icon

Polling Interval

Battery with circular arrow icon

Up To 5 Year
Battery Life

Fire protect mounted to ceiling

900Site Secure Fire Protect

Wireless heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide detector with a built-in siren for alarm and event notification. It can operate as part of the 900Site Secure system and autonomously without a hub.

The 900Site Secure Fire Protect detects smoke, carbon monoxide and a signification raise in temperature. LED's emit light with different wavelengths, allowing the detector to determine the size of the volatile particles and react only to smoke, as some detectors will also be alerted to water particles.

Thermometers with celcius icon

Temp Raise

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Battery with circular arrow icon

Up To 3 Year
Battery Life

Dual curtain hung next to window with rays indicating the motion sensor

900Site Secure Dual Curtain

A wireless bidirectional curtain-type motion detector. With two PIR sensors on each side, the detection zone reaches 30 meters, effectively protecting windows, doors, and fences.

Each optical system can be independently adjusted allowing for changes in the surrounding area to help avoid false alarms while the sensitivity can be adjusted in the app.

Detector on either side icon

Detection on
Either Side

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Clock with battery icon

4 Year
Battery Life

Life Quality alarm mounted on ceiling

900Site Secure Life Quality Detector

A smart air quality monitor with CO2, humidity, and temperature sensors that helps evaluate the dynamics of air quality at home, in the office, in the workplace or in any other space, with medical grade accuracy.

Receive in-app notifications to alert you as soon as the environment changes or when the device is moved, helping to protect against thieves. The device can be placed on ceilings, walls or on furniture, making it easily placed on your site.

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Stat Reports

Two speach bubbles that fit together like jigsaw pieces


Clock with battery icon

Up To 3 Year
Battery Life

RElay box mounted on electrical box

900Site Secure Relay

The relay is installed in the electrical circuit gap to control the power supply of devices connect to this circuit. Relay is controlled via the device function button, through the app and automation scenarios.

Relay can be set up to perform a range of functions: opening and closing gates; control blinds or motorised curtains; and control water-supply in case of leaks.

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Key fob

900Site Secure Fob

A key fob for controlling security modes.

Features a panic button for sending alarms to your inner circle and a security company in case of trouble. Adjust this within the Ajax app to along or double press, helping to avoid accidental activation.  

Quick pairing through QR codes make this easy to set up and connect remotely. The fob can remain connected to the Site Secure Hub within 1300 metres.

Hand pressing key fob

Panic Button

Badge with cog in background


Hand using key fob

Double or
Long Press Use

Door contact

900Site Secure Door Contact

Wireless opening detector that notifies of first signs of room intrusion by means of a broken door or window. It can be mounted on all types of doors including a metal base.

The sensor can register powerful shocks and register a change of angle, helping to register an attempt to knock down a door early. The contact alarm sensor can activate an alarm and connect to the hub from a distance up of to 1200 metres.  

Lock with hand pressing middle


Hand with warning sign


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