Vans lined up in a car park

Vehicle Telematics

Collect and utilise rich data to help improve efficiency

Our tracking systems offer a modular approach to extend your system from simple GPS tracking to a fleet management solution. Easily integrate intelligent solutions to gain insights, manage and take control of your fleet. Through powerful intelligence, industry leading equipment and software, we can provide the tools to help you make informed decisions and optimise the performance of vehicles and drivers.

A SmartDriver App provides drivers with tools to carry out walk around inspections with a Drivers and Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA) approved checklist

Camera monitor with construction assets displayed
  • Identify issues as they arise
  • Control risks and costs with the ability to act sooner
  • Streamline administration with all information available in one place

Access a wide range of maintenance related information providing valuable insights into the current state of your fleet.

Make service decisions before issues affect your vehicles, your business or customers.

A SmartDriver App provides drivers to see their driving scores and even compare their driving scores with colleagues

  • Three unique scores to measure, analyse and improve the performance of every driver
  • Assess behaviour using benchmarks and trends
  • Compare performance with rankings, reports and automated league tables

Monitor and evaluate driving patterns of your employees and provide coaching tools to help them develop knowledge, skills and experience that benefits the driver, vehicle and business.

A coaching light bar provides drivers with instant visual and audible warnings related to harsh acceleration, braking and excessive idling - an in-built privacy button allows for data collection to be disabled.

Laptop monitor with behaviour display overlayed

A SmartDriver App allows drivers to:

  • Manually start, complete or cancel jobs
  • Collect customer signatures and take photos for electronic proof of delivery
  • Trigger an automated SMS to your end customer with live location data
Three mobiles tabs with dispatch jobs listed

Utilise the accuracy of geo-stamped real-time data to get automated job start, finish and duration times based on arrival and departure.

Automate job tracking and improve the way you manage field jobs. It complements your current job management solution by synchronising job schedules with precise location data.

Track job progress and set up custom live alerts to notify you whenever a job is running late.

Dashboard unit with receipt outputted

By connecting your Tachograph device to the Tracking Device you can manage your Tachograph data securely, online through a secure platform utilising live data and the availability of remote downloads.

You can:

  • Access the live and past tachograph activities of your drivers and vehicles at any time, plus DDD files and reports
  • Simplify compliance with an online platform that stores tachograph
  • Check remaining driving/working times and the next break time for your drivers

A solution that connects with your existing assets and refrigerated eco-system to allow temperature monitoring and compliance without additional equipment to manage and service.

The solution can manage up to 10 wireless probes installed within the refrigerated container area. Each probe can be individually calibrated to a bespoke temperature to enable produce to be stored in the same container but under different temperature zones.

Lorry with cold storage
  • Integrate your existing data logger readings and manage them centrally
  • Manage different temperature requirements within the same load
  • Protect refrigerated products with real time alerts
  • Maintain the integrity of your delivered goods and react to incidents immediately
  • Report easily and accurately to your customers and third parties and prove that the cold chain has not been broken
  • Get data remotely from the cloud and avoid any manual and paper process
  • Replace paper forms, loose printed tickets, or manual downloads on USB
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