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900Retail showcases some of the best equipment in the industry for retail workers

Customer and employee safety and wellbeing are at the heart of every business, with our CCTV and communication solutions, you can increase security on site with instant communication and video capture. Enabling seamless staff connectivity not only enhances efficiency but also fortifies safety measures, ultimately leading to heightened security and a notable reduction in theft incidents.

Radios for Retail

Our customers in the retail sector choose two way radios to meet a wide range of in-store requirements. Smaller stores often use licence free radios whereas larger stores choose systems with an Ofcom licence that offers more handset choices, functionality and greater coverage. Help to improve your efficiency with our two way radio range, for hire or sale.

Two Way Radios

Handset and accessory choices allow the radio system to be tailored for the many aspects of retail activities both inside and out, typically including customer service, stock replenishment, security, loss prevention and overall store management.

Two way radios

Our retail radio systems offer a scalable solution and our comprehensive hire services allow customers to increase capacity at peak times such as seasonal sales or events.

Support when a radio system depends on it with our partnered brands:
  • Motorola
  • Hytera
  • Icon
  • Kenwood

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Body Cameras for Retail

Equipped with state-of-the-art features, our body cameras capture every interaction, offering a heightened sense of security for both your employees and customers. They act as a visible deterrent to potential theft and misconduct, ensuring a safer shopping environment. In the unfortunate event of an incident, the recorded footage becomes invaluable evidence, aiding in investigations and mitigating liability.

Body Cameras

Our Body Worn Cameras provide the ability for security personnel everywhere to protect not only themselves but the members of the public they serve. At Ninehundred Communications we provide Bodyworn Cameras with the best recording abilities, paired with rugged and ergonomic design.

Body cameras

Safeguard your employees with our selection of advanced body cameras. Our solution allows you to fully tailor your Body Camera features to meet your team's needs now and in the future.

Our range includes:
  • Hytera Bodycameras
  • Philips Bodycameras
  • Management software

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VoCoVo Go for the Retail Section

Utilising proven digital audio technology, communications between retail colleagues is simple and intuitive. The Hub is the backbone integrating VoCoVo devices as standalone or networked multi cell infrastructure, a VoCoVo Go system can cover the smallest to the largest of retail sites with ease. Device docks provide optimal charging conditions, VoCoVo Go Device Docks also provide a smart looking and safe storage system. Fast charging means less time in the charger and more time in-store.

VoCoVo Go

The robust headset has been ergonomically designed with three detachable wearing style options. Padded earpieces and lightweight construction make it flexible and comfortable to wear, essential for a headset with a 48 hour battery life.

VoCoVo Hub and headset

From the smallest stores to the largest, the light, sleek and fashionable VoCoVo Go Headsets deliver instant and crystal-clear communication between retail colleagues.

VoCoVo Products:
  • VoCoVo Headsets
  • VoCoVo Go Hub
  • VoCoVo Go Device Docks

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