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IT Infrastructure and Hardware

Maintain reliable operations with our expert infrastructure services.

Our infrastructure services are designed to provide fully flexible and scalable solutions for your business, minimising downtime and maximising the effectiveness of your budget. With comprehensive support, our IT professionals can help manage your servers, networks and applications to ensure optimal performance and uptime.

Networking Infrastructure Services

We offer wireless networking solutions to keep you connected to your business from anywhere. Our services include network monitoring and management, as well as customised infrastructure design and implementation. We'll work with you to identify areas for improvement and create a solution that meets your specific needs and budget, all while minimising disruption to your business operations.

We offer various security services such as firewalls, intrusion prevention, and content filtering to safeguard your network. Additionally, we provide security assessments and audits to identify and fix any vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure.

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Interactive Displays

Our next-generation interactive panel is designed to provide teachers with an intuitive and powerful whiteboard app, offering an engaging teaching experience. It comes with a variety of customisable content, resources, and tools. With enhanced security features, it protects your data with multiple sign-in options and the ability to sign out remotely. You can record and share lessons with remote students, and screen share in real-time, and it works seamlessly with platforms like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams.

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