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Vehicle Camera Systems

Full high definition in-vehicle camera systems providing video evidence and supporting data

External and internal cameras to help you monitor activity in and around your vehicles - helping protect your business and your drivers

Vehicle Cameras

Vehicle Cameras - our top 3

Roadhawk DC-2 vehicle camera

Roadhawk DC-2
The newest camera in the RoadHawk range, with up to 1080p available, image stabilisation, low light sensor and compatibility with SDXC memory cards.

The RoadHawk DC-2 camera can also be fitted with an external GPS antenna, locking box solution and either a remote event trigger or remote event and alarm output trigger.

Roadhawk HD vehicle camera image

Roadhawk HD
Being the top of the RoadHawk range, the HD offers the very best optics, low light sensor and full 1080p HD video, an optional fit external GPS antenna (if GPS signal proves difficult to obtain) and additional adjustability.

This camera is suited to the client that requires / wants a little extra. The RoadHawk HD also offers an optional lock box solution to secure the memory card and power lead against tampering.

Roadhawk RH-2 vehicle camera image

Roadhawk RH-2
The RoadHawk RH-2 is a 2 camera system, with a forward facing and in vehicle camera.

Mostly used by taxi, bus and coach drivers where sight of the passengers is often needed.

This camera also includes a wired remote ‘event’ trigger button.

We have a range of cameras for both internal and external installation that offer all round visibility for added protection and safety. Reversing cameras are also available.


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