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The E10 system is the first multi camera black box recorder from RoadHawk designed for the commercial market.

One of your vehicles been involved in an accident? Not your driver at fault? Did your driver still get some blame?

This is increasingly more common when the accident involves a vehicle more vulnerable than your own, which when driving a HGV they often are.

The RoadHawk E10 black box recorder combined with a variety of high quality cameras offers all the benefits of a forward facing in vehicle black box system with the additional configurable features of ‘side swipe’ protection, rear view, load monitoring, occupant monitoring and up to 360 degree vision.


It is becoming more important than ever to know what is happening in and around the vehicles in your fleet

The RoadHawk E10 camera system is a fully configurable black box recording system, providing high quality video evidence from up to 4 separate cameras with supporting GPS data for use in the event of a road traffic incident.


The system can be used in many different ways depending on the vehicle it is fitted to and what you want to monitor.
  • Are your drivers worried about cyclists or pedestrians on your near side? Using the external camera and the TFT screen, the driver can gain additional vision of the side of the vehicle over the standard side mirror.
  • Do they want to see what’s behind? An external camera can be rear mounted and configured so it is viewed when the vehicle is in reverse.
  • Are you or your drivers concerned about leaving the vehicle while making deliveries? For added security you can set the system to continue recording even after you turn off the ignition and lock the vehicle.
  • Do you want to monitor your load bay? The internal IR camera will act as a cctv system for your load bay. Combined with a TFT screen & switch, you can check the load bay without getting out of the vehicle.
  • Do your drivers need all round vision? Using up to 4 cameras the system will offer view of over 90% of the area around the vehicle, meaning there will video that captures any incident where ever it is around the vehicle.
  • Do your vehicles carry passengers? The internal IR camera will allow you to ensure you obtain evidence of an issues there may be with passengers.
  • Are you concerned about your drivers using mobile phones? The internal IR can be used to monitor your driver’s behaviour.
RoadHawk E10 internal and external images

There is also a microphone input allowing internal recording. This can be used to gain evidence in a road rage incident, when a taxi fare refuses to pay or for the driver to add additional evidence (eg speak aloud the number plate of a car causing an incident) to a video recording.


The heart of the E10 system is a robust digital video recording unit, with inputs for up to 4 separate cameras, 4 alarm triggers, external GPS antenna, microphone and external monitor. The E10 uses an embedded Linux operating system for stability and includes a 1 Hz GPS receiver and G-Force sensors.

Recording in 720 x 576 D1 resolutions from up to 4 separate camera inputs the E10 embeds the GPS, G-Force and date and time data on to the H.264 encoded video which is stored on an SDHC or SDXC memory card (up to 64gb support). This can then be used as court admissible evidence.

Fully configurable settings allow you to record from 30 hours of high quality video to over 100 hours on lower video settings before the recording loops back to the start and begins over writing. Any events are write-protected for review at a later time. An “ignition off” timer is also adjustable to allow the E10 to continue recording in the event of an incident or when leaving the vehicle.


A range of cameras are available for use with the Roadhawk E10 System allowing for a tailored approach to setting up monitoring of your vehicles.

A combination of robust internal and external cameras make it possible to gain all round vision around your vehicles.

LCD Monitor

A live view from any of the cameras connected to the system is enabled when you connect a LCD Monitor to the E10 DVR. This high resolution, bright display unit can also be set up with alarm inputs. For example, you can switch to rear camera when reversing or to side swipe cameras when using indicators.


We carry out installations across the UK - get in touch to discuss how the Roadhawk E10 System can help you protect your people, your vehicles, those affected by your activities and your business.

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