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RH600 Dashboard Camera

RH600 4G telematics camera - Now Available.

The RH600 combines all of the rich data collected by leading telematics devices with a cutting-edge in-cab camera system.

The combination of a camera and a telematics unit makes the costs associated with buying and fitting separate devices a thing of the past and RH600's wealth of features truly position this camera as one of the most pioneering pieces of technology available to the fleet industry.

Icom Idas Family

Now Available - The brand new Icom IDAS Series

This smart new series incorporates cutting edge design, superb performance and a comprehensive range of sophisticated features all on a flexible, upgradable multi-protocol platform.

Motorola T82 & T82 Extreme

Coming Soon - The brand new Motorola TALKABOUT T82 & T82 Extreme

These brand new 446 Licence Free Two Way Radios are expected to be launched at the end of August. Motorola's TALKABOUT Two Way Radios deliver dependable, instant communications hands-free or at the touch of a button.

Kenwood NX-3000 Series intro image

New Kenwood Portables, Mobiles and Application Software

We've added to our two way radio range with the latest products from Kenwood. The new products include multi-protocol portable and mobile two way radios and their latest AVL and Dispatcher Software Application.

Photo Competition winner July 2017 intro imag

900PTT - Push to Talk Services

Ninehundred Communications have launched an all new PTT over cellular handset with desktop dispatcher software, aimed at improving communications, management and the safety of field based teams and lone workers across any industry.

Kenwood PKT-23T News Thumbnail image

The pocket size PKT-23T joins Kenwood's licence free radio range

The PKT-23T ProTalkLT, joins the ProTalk family, one that is well known, longstanding and respected in the world of licence free radio.

VX-920 Series News Thumbnail image

Vertex Standard have announced cancellation of the VX-920 Series portable radios

Additionally, the VXR-7000 Repeater will also be discontinued.

Motorola launch DP3661e

Motorola Solutions launch the DP3661e

A compact, next-generation, high-performance portable radio designed for professionals that need effective communication.

Icom launch new digital licence free radio intro image

Icom launch the IC-F29DR Digital, Waterproof Licence Free Two Way Business Radio

This dPMR two way radio utilises 6.25kHz narrow digital channel spacing meaning that in urban areas, where analogue PMR446 (licence free) often experiences channel congestion, users will now have less interference.

Vertex Standard launch new portables intro image

Vertex Standard celebrates its 60th anniversary with the launch of two new products

The EVX-261 and the two colours option* submersible EVX-S24 portable two way radios join Vertex Standard's eVerge digital range and function in both analogue and digital modes.

Xd 700 Series from Simoco intro image

The new Xd 700 Series from Simoco

The Xd 700 Series is the next generation of digital radios from Simoco aimed at ensuring reliable mission critical communications across a wide range of businesses and organisations.

New Hytera PD985 intro image

The new PD985 digital portable radio from Hytera

Hytera have just launched their latest digital portable handset - the PD985. This high tier radio fits at the top of the Hytera DMR portfolio and comes with a broad array of enhanced features and functionality.

Icom launch new compact digital portable two way radio intro image

Icom launch new compact digital portable two way radio

A small, compact digital portable radio with convenient features, loud audio and a rugged waterproof and dustproof chassis.

M1 atex radio intro image

M1, Ma mining rated ATEX radios added to our product range

Not all ATEX Radios are the same.

Until now our ATEX range were all Group II - equipment intended for use in other places liable to be endangered by explosive atmospheres.

Next Generation Mototrbo thumbnail image

Enhanced MOTOTRBO™ model range launched by Motorola

Consisting of the hand portable DP2000e Series, DP3441e, DP4000e Series, SL4000e Series and the mobile DM4000e Series these enhanced two way radios come packed with improvements and new features.

Wirefree CCTV image

To be, or not to be...

With our latest product, Wirefree CCTV with Outdoor Motion Viewer, you can decide if there is going to be an intrusion on your site - or not - day or night.

Product Cancellation - Motorola DR3000

Cancellation Notice

Product - Motorola DR3000 Repeaters

Cancellation of the following DR 3000 repeaters because of product end of life and new offering for MOTOTRBO repeaters.

Scheduled Date: 11th December 2015

Meet the new MOTOTRBO™ SL1600

Motorola launch something a little different...

Motorola have just launched a new sleek and compact entry level hand portable two way radio to join their digital MOTOTRBO™ range.

The SL1600 is an intuitive and innovative radio that redefines portability and simplicity.

Cancellation of the Motorola CP040

It's time to go MOTOTRBO. Motorola's Commercial Series portable radios will be phased out on the 10th November 2014.

Icom launch new models in their portable radio range

Compact portable radios with convenient features, loud audio and a rugged waterproof & dustproof chassis

Icom have recently added a number of models to their range of licence free and licenced portable two way radios.

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