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Motorola SLR5500

MOTOTRBO™ digital integrated voice and data UHF/VHF high-power Repeater

The MOTOTRBO SLR5500 Series repeater delivers a high performance, high reliability two-way radio service with all the latest digital technology. Integrating voice and data seamlessly, the SLR5500 provides advanced but easy to use features, engineered with low power consumption for a low cost of ownership.

The repeater supports Digital Conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, Capacity Max, mixed mode Digital/Analogue and also Analogue Conventional and MPT 1327 systems. The IP interface allows you to build applications and consoles directly into your system.

The SL5500 is easy to service with field replaceable power amplifier, modems and power supplies that can all be replaced individually and with the SLR 5500's internal self-test capability, you can be assured the service was successful.

Key Features

  • VHF (136-174 MHz) and UHF (400-470 MHz)
  • 64 Channels
  • 1-50 W RF Output Power
  • Can Offer Continuous Full Transmit Power of 50W
  • 100% Max Duty Cycle
  • RoHS and WEEE compliant
  • Integrated 3A Battery Charger
  • Integrated Power Supply
  • Digital Error Correction
  • Repeater Diagnostics & Control
  • Repeater Disabled
  • Clear Voice Quality
  • IP Interface
  • Clear LED Indicators for Operating Mode
  • Space Efficient 1U Height
  • Low Thermal Footprint
  • Field Replaceable Power Amplifier, Power Supply & Modem Modules
  • Front Panel USB Port
  • Rack or Wall-Mount
  • Optional Remote Management
  • External Alarm Ports
  • Auxiliary Power Output

Product Variants

MDR10JCGANQ1AN - SLR5500 136-174MHz, 50W, FA309B

MDR10QCGANQ1AN - SLR5500 403-470MHz, 50W, FA509B

Downloads (Requires PDF Reader)

SLR5500 Specification Sheet


PMKN4167 Assembly Cable, Battery Backup


Assembly Cable, Battery Backup

Item pending cancellation.

Available while stocks last.

Key Features

    • CE
    • WEEE compliant
    • ROHS compliant


PMLE5031A Wall Mount Bracket Kit


Wall Mount Bracket Kit

Key Features

    • ROHS compliant




Coax Protector Mount Kit

Key Features

    • Designed to attach Coax Protector to tower leg (up to 2-1/4 diameter)
    • Consists of mounting bracket, stainless steel clamp and associated hardware

Licence Key

Software Licence Icon


Capacity Plus Licence Key

Key Features

    • Each repeater in a Capacity Plus system (both trunked and data revert) needs to have the Capacity Plus feature activated and this requires the purchase of a separate licence key for each repeater
    • Suitable for the Standard Power Repeaters including the SLR5500 & DR3000

HKVN4041A Licence Key


Multiple Systems RDAC Feature Licence Key

Key Features

    • This Licence Key needed to activate the Multiple Systems feature in the RDAC application. RDAC V2.2 onwards
    • Enables monitoring and control up to 8 different radio systems

Software Licence Icon


Digital Telephone Patch Licence Key

Key Features

    • This licence enables MOTOTRBO digital system users to place and receive telephone calls through the repeater. Other infrastructure required
    • Each phone gateway repeater in system needs a licence

Software Licence Icon


Linked Capacity Plus Incremental Licence Key

Key Features

    • Licence key (per repeater) to activate the Linked Capacity Plus (LCP) feature in a repeater where the Capacity Plus feature has previously been activated. Provides multi site configuration

Software Licence Icon


Linked Capacity Plus Full Licence Key

Key Features

    • Licence key to activate the Linked Capacity Plus (LCP) feature in a repeater where Capacity Plus has not previously been activated
    • This FULL LCP licence DOES NOT support Capacity Plus only channels.

Software Licence Icon


NAI for Voice/CSBK Licence Key

Key Features

    • This orders the Licence key to activate the “Network Application Interface for Voice/CSBK” feature on a repeater
    • Please contact us for more details

Software Licence Icon


NAI for Data Licence Key

Key Features

    • This orders the Licence key to activate the “Network Application Interface for Data” feature on a repeater
    • Note: This key is required for voice channels with ARS and Text Messaging

Software Licence Icon


Digital Voting Feature Licence Key

Key Features

    • This Licence key activates the Digital Voting feature in a repeater
    • Only the Central Voting Repeater in a system (not the Satellite Receivers) needs to have the Digital Voting feature activated

Software Licence Icon


Repeater "Extended Range Direct Mode" Licence Key

Key Features

    • Activates "Extended Range Direct Mode" feature - Also known as "Single Frequency Repeater". Increases coverage area on a single frequency beyond a direct mode solution. Does not require additional frequency
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