RH600 Telematics Camera

A feature-rich telematics device with both front and rear-facing cameras.

Streamline your fleet management with a singular device, designed to reduce hardware costs and minimise installation downtime. 

The RH600 automatically provides harsh event videos, live streaming, videos on demand, and videos and still pictures on events, ensuring you have access to your data when it's needed most. Experience built-in telematics functionality of the most advanced tracking devices, including driver behaviour, CANbus integration, driver ID, and our Connected Careā„¢ vehicle diagnostics.

Featuring a 4G modem and advanced video compression, you can experience the fastest available download speed and ensure you see important events as soon as they happen. 

Automated First Notification of Loss Events allows you to push data to third parties to minimise stress, improve downtime and minimise business impact.

Help to prevent accidents with our Advanced Driver Assistance System, designed to monitor high-risk behaviours such as mobile phone usage, insufficient concentration on the road, and driver micro-sleeping. 

Key Features

    • Dual camera capabilities provide a combined 280 degree field of view
    • Optimised for low-light scenes and high-contrast lighting conditions
    • 4G data uploads with live streaming functionality
    • Security locking feature to ensure tamper free data
    • Integrated 4G telematics connectivity offering greater data upload/download speeds
    • Provides vehicle health alerts alongside service and maintenance reminders
    • FNOL alerts capture and report crash events in real-time
    • Driver behaviour monitoring and in-cab feedback to encourage fuel-efficient and low-risk behaviours
    • Geofencing capabilities to monitor entry / exit times within predefined zones and create automated timesheets
    • Integration with route optimisation and scheduling

Downloads (Requires PDF Reader)

RH600 Specifications
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