Progressive Safe System

Ensure you’re ready to meet the new Regulations by October 2024 with our DVS Kit.

The Safety Permit Scheme applies to all Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and uses the DVS rating scale of zero to five stars to determine their safety rating. As of October 28th, 2024, HGVs must have a three-star rating or higher to receive a permit without a Progressive Safe System condition. This is an increase from the previous one-star rating required for fitting the Safe System.

As of midnight on October 27, 2024, all current DVS Safety Permits will expire. Vehicles weighing over 12 tonnes must reapply for a Safety Permit at this time. Additionally, vehicles rated 0 to 2 stars will need to have a Progressive Safe System installed, irrespective of their existing DVS equipment or permit status up to that dat

Our solutions are specifically designed to offer you the products necessary to meet the requirements for a 3-star or higher Progressive Safe System rating. These products will guide you towards fulfilling the requirements set by TFL, but please note that they do not guarantee a rating.

Moving Off Infomation (MOIS)

Vehicles must have front sensors to detect pedestrians or cyclists in their blind spot up to 2m ahead.

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The MOIS camera system, designed with people detection sensors and a high-resolution 1/2.8 2M pixel CMOS sensor, meets front sensor system requirements for detecting pedestrians or cyclists in a vehicle's blind spot. With its low-light visibility, automatic features, lens support, and durability features like an IP67 waterproof rating, the MOIS system ensures reliable performance and easy integration into vehicles, enhancing overall road safety.

Blind Spot Information System (BSIS)

Vehicles need a blind spot system detecting vulnerable road users within 2m height, 2.2m sideways, and 9m behind. Active at speeds up to 30 km/h, it warns regardless of turn signals.

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This intelligent IPC detects pedestrians or cyclists in large vehicle blind spots. It meets European standards R151 and R159. It's suitable for large and medium-sized freight vehicles and can be connected to an external AHD camera. The product provides early warning to the driver and persons outside the vehicle through external displays and alarms. It's reliable, easy to install and use, and cost-effective.

Left Turn Alarm

Audio warnings must be fitted to all vehicles, including those with left-hand drive, to ensure all vehicles can warn VRU of an intended manoeuvre.

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The left turn alarm activates when the vehicle signals a left turn while travelling below 15MPH, accompanied by a spoken warning: “Warning! Vehicle turning left!” Operating within a 12-24V range, it emits an 85dB sound, ensuring clear alertness. Designed as a talking alarm, it boasts an IP67 rating and epoxy sealing, guaranteeing durability and weather resistance. With compact dimensions of 75mm x 76mm and a single-bolt fixing mechanism, it offers easy installation and fits seamlessly into various vehicle configurations.

Pedestrian Alarms

The perfect solution to go hand in hand with a fully operational camera monitoring system, eliminating blind spots at the nearside as stated in regulations.

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The display plays a vital role in ensuring safety. It illuminates either amber or red to indicate the presence of pedestrians and emits an audible alert based on the proximity to a detected person. Importantly, the audible alert is programmed not to sound when the vehicle is stationary, which ensures that it operates effectively during motion. The combination of both visual and audible alerts enhances driver awareness and helps reduce the risk of accidents involving pedestrians.

Camera Monitoring System

Camera systems on vehicles must remove blind spots and provide visual alerts of approaching vulnerable road users to prevent collisions.

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In collaboration with the pedestrian alarm system, this monitor provides real-time visibility of blind spots and critical areas. When an alarm is triggered, the monitor enables instant viewing to identify any pedestrians in proximity. With its 1080p HD camera, it facilitates immediate monitoring directly within the vehicle cab, enhancing overall safety and enabling swift response to potential hazards.

Warning Signage

External pictorial stickers and markings must be displayed on vehicles.

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We can provide warning signage as shown. This must be displayed on the rear of the rigid vehicle and any trailer unit in use in compliance with DVS regulations, this provides a visual warning to vulnerable road users of the hazards present around the vehicle.
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