M400 Tracking Unit

A market-leading telematics device that delivers accurate vehicle intelligence.

The M400 reads metrics like speed, RPM, fuel consumption and odometer straight from the CAN bus.

The device records singular events like harsh acceleration and braking, over revving, and idling by combining CAN and GPS data. It can integrate with all sorts of vehicle data and devices, including: tachographs, temperature control units, salt dispenser units, weighing sensors, and other on-board vehicle equipment. 

The M400 comes with an optimal in-cab coach on the vehicle dashboard to provide immediate feedback on harsh driving, speeding and idling. 

Key Features

    • Get accurate, real-time data from the vehicle's internal system and high sensitivity GPS
    • Trust a robust, tamperproof device mounted behind the vehicle dashboard
    • Keep your vehicle safe using non-disruptive and intrusion-proof patented CAN clip technology

Downloads (Requires PDF Reader)

M4000 Specifications
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