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Let our expert teams tailor our products to your needs

Our team of highly skilled Engineers excels in conducting comprehensive site surveys to precisely understand your business needs. Collaborating closely with our knowledgeable account managers, we ensure the selection of the most suitable products for your specific demands. Explore below some of our popular, carefully curated solutions that have garnered widespread acclaim.

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900Education is a collection of our products, specialised to the needs of educational institutions

Schools have precise requirements for safeguarding children and staff, meaning expertise if required to build a complete solution for your needs. We aim to enhance the safety and efficiency of education environments through a range of communication, security, and tracking solutions.

Our integrated solutions provide streamlined daily operations, fostering a more productive learning environment to support the growth of all.

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900Events provides event planners and organisers with solutions that improve communication and security as well contributing to the delivery of safe and successful events.

Providing equipment from a range of manufacturers, we have in-house and field based engineers experienced in delivering off the shelf and bespoke solutions for the events industry. We can also provide a range of on-site services to assist with the smooth running of your events.

We care about making every event a momentous occasion, so let us help you achieve this goal.

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900 Retail image

900Retail showcases some of the best equipment in the industry for retail workers.

Using the power of radio and DECT technology, we bring a host of significant benefits to your customer experience. Our solutions are tailor-made to boost efficiency, enhance productivity, prevent losses, and prioritise the safety of your customers and staff.

Allow our dedicated account managers to help your business thrive.

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