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VoCoVo Go for the Retail Sector

Designed and developed using the latest DECT technology, VoCoVo Go is ideally suited for teams working in retail environments.

From the smallest stores to the largest, the light, sleek and fashionable VoCoVo Go Headsets deliver instant and crystal clear communication between retail colleagues.

VoCoVo Products

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VoCoVo Headsets

Utilising proven digital audio technology, communications between retail colleagues is simple and intuitive. An ergonomically designed robust headset that is efficient and looks the part.

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VoCoVo Go Hub

The backbone integrating VoCoVo devices as standalone or networked multi cell infrastructure, a VoCoVo Go system can cover the smallest to the largest of retail sites with ease.

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VoCoVo Go Device Docks

Providing optimal charging conditions, VoCoVo Go Device Docks also provide a smart looking and safe storage system. Fast charging means less time in the charger and more time in-store.

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