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Forestry Commission's Forest Live Events

Large events in a remote forest setting.

We've been privileged to help the Forestry Commission Events Team deliver fantastic concerts in beautiful forest locations.


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Broadband Internet Connectivity

Having worked with the Forestry Commission on previous events, they wanted to explore the feasibility of bringing a broadband internet connection into a remote, densely wooded event location.

Our satellite broadband solution requires only a power supply, a dish with receiver and a modem - a good fit for their requirements. With minimal space around the dish location and a dense, living and moving tree canopy, the main challenge was to position the dishes so they had a constant line of sight to the satellite.

Initially, a successful trial was carried out at the Dalby Forest event to provide internet access for production and administration teams.

Following the success of the initial trial of our Satellite Broadband, it was used at 7 events and was integrated with a VoIP phone system.


Ninehundred Communications have been supporting our events initially for a number of years with the supply of Two Way Radio. Their Service and Support has always been second to none. They have more recently been providing Site Broadband and VOIP phones across our events. As we operate deep into the forest, mobile phone coverage is almost none existent and their Satellite Broadband Services have helped our events run much more smoothly and efficiently.


VoIP Phone System

With no mobile phone coverage the events staff have predominantly relied upon two way radios for communication. Whilst good for a large proportion of users, they were less efficient for office staff.

With a broadband connection in place, our Satellite Broadband Engineers integrated a VoIP phone system.

With telephone conversations transmitted using Internet Protocol the phone system proved very beneficial.

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Two Way Radio

We are proud to have been supplying the Forestry Commission Music Live Events with a two way radio hire service for several years. Their chosen solution for each event site is a Mototrbo System from Motorola Solutions, delivering digital radio communications. Mototrbo radios provide clear communications and the Impress technology they use suppresses background noise - ideal for operation in such a loud environment.

As their events are based outdoors in heavily forested areas we provide the robust, durable and high performance DP4000S portable radios. As the coverage area is so vast the radio system includes Mototrbo's repeater infrastructure and software along with temporary trailer masts to ensure coverage in such a challenging event environment.

To enhance the radio solution used at these events we also provide software that records all radio traffic. This allows the events team to assess and take action with regards to any incidents that may take place during the event and generally improve safety for all staff and event goers.


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