Satellite Phones

No mobile phone coverage?

Whilst the mobile phone networks provide coverage to the majority of the population in the UK and widely across the world, there are many places people go to for work or pleasure that are unpopulated and remote.

In a hectic world, we may wish to get away from all forms of communication at times but when you need it, reliable communications are vital in offering peace of mind, safety and security. Lone worker safety plays an important part in the strategy of all organisations.

Satellite phones - keep in touch when it matters

With service delivery via a satellite to the satellite phone, there are few places in the world where you will be out of touch whilst ever the phone can be "seen" by the satellite.

Whilst not primarily designed for indoor use as it needs to be in sight of the satellite, the satellite phone can be supplied with an antenna that can be used as an extension from the satellite phone to a position where the antenna can register with the satellite. This may be, for example, from a site cabin or control room window by gaining "sight" of the satellite.

Our satellite phones include the Iridium-9555 and the Thuraya XT-Lite. The rugged and reliable Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone combines an integrated speakerphone, SMS and email capabiities, and a Mini-USB port into its compact frame (download the Iridium 9555 specs here - requires a pdf reader). The Thuraya XT-Lite provides compact and cost-conscious service without comprimising on clear and uninterrupted connection (download the XT-Lite specs here - requires a pdf reader).

We provide satellite phones that are available to buy or hire. Due to the high cost of satellite phones, hire is often more cost-effective than outright purchase as the need for this type of satellite equipment is in many cases on a short term basis.

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