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900Power Generators

Easy to operate power supply with a long cycle life

Our selection of innovative battery-powered generators is designed to provide reliable and efficient power to areas where it's needed the most.

Perfect for both industrial and residential applications, 900Power Generators deliver power to areas with a limited electrical supply:

  • Large or remote sites
  • Powering appliances outdoors
  • Operating power tools and lighting
  • Campsites and other recreational uses

Key Features

    • Next generation LiFep04 battery
    • Automatic, smart lighting modes
    • High-efficiency Crystalline solar panel
    • 3-6 metre install height
    • 8-10 hour charge

Downloads (Requires PDF Reader)

900Power Brochure
Description Specifications
Battery Capacity 3000Wh 2000Wh 500Wh
Battery Type Lithium Ion Rechargable Battery
Charging Time 6 hours 6-8 hours 3-4 hours
AC Output Voltage 230V or 110V 230V or 110V 230V
Frequency Range 50-60Hz
Life of Battery More than 1000 cycles
Net Weight 25kg 15.5kg 5kg
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