Bodycamera Manager

Secure evidence management software systems

Managing and securely storing evidence is an integral and vital part of any bodycam solution – an effective evidence management platform protects not only the public involved in captured footage but also enforcement personnel using Body worn Cameras and the organisations to which they belong.

Ninehundred Communications offer two software management systems for the Hytera bodycam range - BWC manager and SmartMDM.

BWC Manager is our entry-level evidence management software which also allows users to program their fleet of RVMs. 

SmartMDM Integrated Device Station is a professional evidence management solution, which allows footage to be automatically uploaded and removed from the RVM for retrospective management and to ensure the camera's available memory is always in optimal condition.

Downloads (Requires PDF Reader)

900Cam Brochure
bwc manager

BWC Manager:

  • Two-level password authentication
  • Connect multiple RVMs via Micro USB or MCA22 multi-dock
  • Simple, intuitive setup
  • Create programming templates and load into the fleet of RVM
smart mddm


  • Password protection to ensure only qualified personnel have access to footage
  • Auto-sync of RVMs as soon as they are connected
  • Utilise the MCA22 multi-dock unit for fast and efficient management of the whole fleet
  • Automatically upload footage to your company's secure drive
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