900Incident Watch

Rapidly deployable, lightweight, live streaming camera solution

The 900 Incident Watch is the perfect solution to improving and maintaining safety procedures on the track, this product allows you to remotely and instantly check sections of the track with a 4G PTZ camera.

The device can be quickly taken to the site by the first responder, rapidly deployed, and streamed to a desktop or mobile phone anywhere in the country. The severity of the incident can be assessed remotely via the Incident Watch ensuring the appropriate response is taken. 

This product allows for the remote monitoring of crack propagation, where constant attention and frequent monitoring is required, the 900IncidentWatch allows for instant track side remote monitoring, this not only allows for quicker and more efficient action to be taken but it also allows for the risk to be controlled. 

Where daily inspection may be required to ensure that cracks are not growing, the 900IncidentWatch allows you to closely monitor the site without having to send out personnel for inspection. This reduces the frequency of these costly visits whilst maintained safely.

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Train track

24/7 Feed

Camera lens with shutter

Low Power

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