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Wave 900

Wave 900 enables you to extend Push To Talk to everyone by enabling compatible smartphones and other devices to securely communicate with two way radio users and other communication systems over mobile and broadband networks.

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Developed for use with MOTOTRBO™ digital two way radios from Motorola, Wave 900 allows you to enhance your on-site radio system with the capability to leave your radios behind and go off-site whilst maintaining seamless connectivity with your teams.

From two-way radios to smartphones, laptops to landlines, tablets to rugged handhelds, WAVE 900 enables your users to communicate using devices they already have, on the networks they already subscribe to.

Wherever your people are, whatever they do, Wave 900 lets them connect and communicate with simple, secure, affordable Push To Talk.

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With Wave 900 you can:

Extend Radio To Broadband
Extend workforce communications beyond radio to include modern devices and broadband networks for seamless communications in any location.

Deploy Broadband Push To Talk
Secure, ‘over-the-top’ PTT connecting smart devices over 3/4G LTE and WiFi networks deliver greater choice and flexibility when choosing a non-radio, carrier-independent communications solution.

Connect Radio to Radio
Connect multiple, disparate two-way radio systems and remove barriers to communication interoperability and workforce collaboration.

Intelligent Client Applications make Wave 900 accessible across your teams and devices - Mobile | Web | Desktop

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Wave 900 Client Applications

Whatever the device or available network, Wave 900 has client applications that meet the needs of all types of users. Called Wave Communicators, these applications provide the user interface to a 900 Wave Communications System.


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