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Tait Radio - Since 1969

Their customers protect communities, power cities, move people, harness resources and save lives all over the world.

Tait products create and support their customer's critical communications.

More than 150 countries utilise Tait products in sectors such as public safety, utilities, mining, oil & gas, and transportation organisations to ensure their safety and help increase productivity.


Tait is committed to open standards and believe in the power of choice for customers. They also believe that by choosing Tait you will value their products and services enough to continue to work with them.

With only one shareholder; a charitable foundation that shares their operating profits across three investment streams: research and development, regional reinvestment, and education, they have an independent, stable and long term presence in the industry, singularly focused on developing world class communication solutions.

As an established Tait Dealer we provide a broad range of Tait radio equipment, and in particular DMR equipment.

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