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Kenwood two way radio equipmentWith its Head Office in Japan, Kenwood operates from Watford in the UK as Kenwood Electronics Ltd providing car electronics equipment as well as communications equipment.

The organisation dates back to 1946 and has undergone considerable change since that time and established a brand that is reconised by many due to it's strong presence, particularly within the consumer electronics marketplace.

Kenwood is a world leader in the design and manufacture of digital and analogue portable two way radios, mobile two way radios, two way radio repeaters and associated equipment and accessories.

High guality, reliable and user friendly radio equipment 

Two way radio equipment from Kenwood is renowned for high quality and reliability, as well as being well designed for convenient use by the operator, gained from over 40 years experience in the provision of two way radios. Their two way radio equipment has a strong foothold in the UK marketplace and as Kenwood Dealers for many years, the equipment Ninehundred Communications has supplied to customers in both the private and public sector has proven itself over time and become a popular choice for many.

Kenwood's licence free two way radio alone, the Kenwood Protalk (over several model versions - the current model being the TK-3301T) has consistently proved itself to be a hugely popular licence free radio, out performing our other brands year after year due to its professional performance, build quality and of course, its reputation.   

Kenwood two way radios are used in a wide variety of applications such as Emergency Services, Military, Airports and Retail Stores and Centres.  They also have a strong presence in Motor Sport - if you watch Formula 1 on TV you are sure to have seen their equipment in use! 

Analogue and Digital options

Kenwood has a broad range of analogue two way radio equipment and under its Nexedge® brand has a comprehensive line up of digital two way radio equipment. Nexedge® two way radio equipment operates in both analogue and digital mode allowing customers to carry out a staged migration from their analogue radios to the Nexedge® digital platform.

Kenwood supply radio equipment that includes hand portable two way radios, mobile two way radios and two way repeaters seperately in both analogue and digital versions, the TK range being analogue, the NX (Nexedge®) range being digital.

You can find out more about Kenwood on their website.

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