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Established in 1995, the Entel Group is a fully independent company operating its own design and manufacturing divisions, with distribution to a global market. Ranked among the leading industry brands, Entel brings exacting standards of innovation, quality and excellence to its business critical radio communications equipment, so that users can communicate effectively, in even the most hostile environments.

Entel's UK based Research and Development team brings a wealth of top level expertise to the skill sets of hardware, mechanical, electrical and software engineering, exceeding customer expectations with unique and innovative features.

Together with rigorous and uncompromising quality controls, applied throughout every step of the manufacturing process, this all adds up to a formidable range of radio products that has earned worldwide recognition for its quality, performance and high specification.

Their manufacturing facility is 100% owned by the Entel Group, operating internationally recognised SGS ISO9001 quality criteria. Subject to independent and exacting ongoing quality assessments, the factory has also achieved approval status to manufacture ATEX products which feature stongly within the the Entel two way radio product range. Proof, if any more was needed, that Entel sets the standard for excellence in technology, service and support in today's rapidly evolving, professional radio communications world.

Ninehundred Communications have been an Entel Dealer for many years, enhancing the levels of support our customers receive when they choose Entel two way radios.

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