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900PTT - Push to Talk Services

The all new PTT over cellular handsets with fully integratable desktop dispatcher software is a product aimed at improving communications, management and the safety of field based teams and lone workers across any industry.


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Utilising the reliability and wide coverage of the cellular networks, these handsets offer wide coverage and much more.

900PTT is Ninehundred Communications Push To Talk (PTT) products that enables your workers to keep in constant touch with the office as well as each other by combining the benefits of two way radio with the flexibility and vast coverage provided by the cellular networks.

Push To Talk Services are ideal for any business or organisation where employees need to stay in regular and close contact with each other and are an efficient way for businesses to communicate with remote workforces.

With no need to dial telephone numbers, 900PTT offers fast and efficient real time communications tools which are simple to use, offering instant communication at the push of a button either on a one-to-one basis or as a broadcast to a group of people either from the handsets or the dispatcher software. Tailored to your needs, Push To Talk technology can offer huge benefits over standard mobile phones.

900PTT gives you the freedom to take your valuable group communications services with you wherever you or your team need to operate. These handsets also integrate seamlessly with a Desktop Dispatcher Software so that office-based users can keep in contact with field based staff using a PC utilising these products to their potential.

Other functionality of the 900PTT includes Lone Worker, Call & Messaging Logs, Alarm Handling, Group Calls, Preset Messages and a lot more...



SY580 - Handset

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Type: Push To Talk Over Cellular

Supplied with:
Handset, Battery (3600mAh), Earphone, Adaptor, USB Cable & User Manual
Other options, please enquire.


900PTT Handset

A PTT (push to talk) over cellular handset with the connectivity of dispatcher console software and the functionality of: Lone worker, call and messaging logs, alarm handling, group calls, preset messages and more...


Key Features

    • Combines a Radio, Industrial PDA and Phone into one handset
    • OMA PoC Compliant
    • Instant Informed Communication
    • License Free
    • No Restriction on Channels/Users
    • Connects back and forth between LTE and Wi-Fi where required
    • Real Time Tracking
    • Job Ticketing
    • Panic Alarm
    • Reliable connectivity
    • Supports GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE
    • Bluetooth and WiFi
    • 2.4" Capacitive Touch Screen
    • Compact size enables one-handed operation
    • Dedicated and textured PTT button
    • M5 expansion interface fits for variety of accessories
    • Removable high-capacity battery
    • 2W speakers provides loud voice
    • IP67 rating
    • Multiple location service, supporting GPS, BDS, GLONASS
    • RAM+ROM: 1GB+8GB
    • SD card: 32GB
    • 8 mega pixel rear camera with auto focus and flash
    • 2 mega pixel front facing camera

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900PTT Case Contents

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