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Vehicle tracking by GPS, data transfer by the GSM networks, instant access to location mapping and detailed information via the internet

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Our Tracking System, SPOTONfleet is a professional vehicle location and fleet management tool. It is underpinned by SPOTON, an online tracking portal with real time vehicle tracking, driving behaviour analysis and usage based reports.

SPOTONfleet can help you with:

  • Reduction of fuel usage and associated costs
  • Enhancement of employee safety and assist with your Duty of Care
  • Increased productivity through better visibility and management of your fleet
  • Reduction of unplanned driver activity and overtime claims
  • Improved Customer Service through efficient routing and job allocation



SPOTONfleet will provide you with:

  • SPOTON™, a user friendly web based fleet management platform
  • Instant location of your fleet
  • Information on how your vehicles are being driven
  • Alerts for speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking and more
  • Enhanced safety with options for panic alarms and immobilisation

Accountability and Privacy

  • Know who is driving a vehicle for better accountability
  • Distinguish between private and business journeys
  • Private mode to disable geographical and route data
  • Automatic private mileage data to aid tax compliance
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Above are just some of the features of SPOTONfleet - find out more about how this tracking system could bring benefits and savings to your business.


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