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Realtime location and monitoring of assets, people and vehicles with powerful reporting functionality

With SPOTON™ you have a powerful asset and fleet management tool at your fingertips.

Desktop | Laptop | Mobile

Through a secure login you can access SPOTON™ from anwhere with an internet connection with no need to be tied to a single location.

SPOTON™ is a subscription based service and all updates are provided as part of the service.

Utilising Google maps SPOTON™ is user friendly, configurable and makes the administration of assets and fleets more efficient.


Complex Geofencing

Set boundaries to better understand activity. Administrators can create circular, rectangular or complex polygon alert zones.

The London Congestion Zone is included as standard.

Powerful reporting features

SPOTON™ provides an instant overview of what is happening and where it's happening but real benefits are achieved with the powerful reporting features available with SPOTON™:

  • Activities over past day, weeks and months
  • Summary reporting such as fleet utilisation, driver performance behaviour and more
  • Detailed daily activity such as early arrivals, late arrivals, routes, mileage etc
  • Reports realtime or scheduled for delivery to your inbox

Easy to use | Secure | Reliable

SPOTON™ can help reduce administration costs, increase productivity and reduce fuel costs


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