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Vehicle Tracking

With over 15 years experience in the supply and installation of vehicle tracking systems, we provide a number of options to efficiently track vehicles.

Our vehicle tracking systems are split into three distinct areas:

Vehicle Location, Monitoring and Reporting

Also known as vehicle location systems or AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) our vehicle tracking systems are web based solutions providing real-time up to the minute data on the status and whereabouts of your vehicles.

But these systems can offer much more than that. They are fleet management tools that allow real time monitoring of vehicle and driver behaviour and the administration of a variety of reporting data that empowers your organisation with information that can be used to help you work smarter, more productively and at the same time reduce the costs associated with fleet management.

Vehicle Tracking Enhancements

Vehicle tracking has traditionally been just that, a system to locate and track vehicles and the tools to provide analysis and reporting. 

With improvements in devices and technology there are many options to extend beyond the track and locate functionality within a modern tracking system. There also specific addons the allow for the addition of tools to encourage driver awareness, address driver and pedestrian safety concerns and much more. 

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Our Tracker systems are primarily solutions to help with the recovery of vehicles should they be stolen.  These covert installations allow for every Police Force in the UK to track and locate your vehicle fast.

Tracker Locate also provides owners with web based access to a range of tracking data and information.

Installation of Vehicle Tracking Systems across the UK

We have our own experienced Installation Engineers who carry out the installation of vehicle tracking systems at our own Fitting Centre or at our customer's premises across the UK.

If you would like to discuss your requirements, would like a demonstration or have any questions we will be be happy to assist.

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