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SPOTONfuel is a professional vehicle location and fleet management tool that enables savings of up to 15% to be made on overall fuel bills

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SPOTONfuel encourages better driving styles through an in-cab driver feedback display, in turn saving money on fuel, increasing efficiency, reducing carbon footprint and encouraging safer driving styles.

SPOTONfuel can help you with:

  • Reduction of fuel usage and associated costs
  • Enhancement of employee safety and assist with your Duty of Care
  • Increased productivity through better visibility and management of your fleet and employees
  • Driver behavior awareness 
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint


SPOTONfuel will provide you with:

  • SPOTON™, a user friendly web based fleet management platform
  • Instant location of your fleet
  • Information on how your vehicles are being driven
  • Accurate Fuel Usage Data
  • Information on harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, harsh braking and over-revving between gears
  • A driver rating

Accountability and Privacy

  • Know who is driving a vehicle for better accountability
  • Distinguish between private and business journeys
  • Private mode to disable geographical and route data
  • Automatic private mileage data to aid tax compliance
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Above are just some of the features of Box SPOTONfuel - find out more about how this tracking system could bring benefits and savings to your business.


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