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SPOTONplant is a powerful security and diagnostic solution for machinery, plant and agricultural equipment

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The intelligent SPOTONplant telematics device uses powerful antennas and accelerometers to ensure that the most accurate information regarding the equipment is available to monitor and track all aspects of usage such as time spent on site, alerts if an asset leaves a predefined area or hours until the next service is due.

SPOTONplant can help you with:

  • Deterring theft and preventing the misuse of plant and equipment through remote immobilisation of off highway plant or machinery over the air using the GSM/GPRS network. This ensures assets cannot be used without authorisation and will aid with recovery if stolen
  • Increasing productivity through machine utilisation reports. The report displays the running hours of any vehicle on any site, enabling the Operator to see which machines have been utilised more efficiently than others
  • Minimising equipment downtime using remote diagnostic displays through service maintenance reports. This preventative maintenance feature highlights when assets require servicing or if any fault codes have appeared


What can SPOTONplant do?:

Geofenced points of interest can be created via the online tracking portal, SPOTON. These ensure assets are kept within a predefined area thus streamlining administration and increasing invoicing accuracy if necessary.

This real time visibility of assets gives peace of mind to both the owner and operator about health, status and location.

SPOTONplant therefore ensures that not only is plant or machinery kept safe, its usage is optimised. Even if the equipment is not in use, (perhaps over a weekend), the telematics until will still send a daily “heartbeat” message to the server, confirming the unit is working as it should.

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Above are just some of the features of Box SPOTONfuel - find out more about how this tracking system could bring benefits and savings to your business.


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