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Asset Tracking

Increase productivity, reduce costs and reduce loss

We provide a number of asset tracking options that offer the flexibility to be used in a wide range of situations and operating environments.

Asset tracking solutions are not just about preventing loss. Large organisations have a wide range off assets that can be spread over large areas. Knowing where these assets are through the implementation of a tracking system can greatly reduce time spent on administration and assist in better utilisation of assets.  For example some hauliers have more than twice the number of trailers as they do trucks and whilst vehicle tracking may be installed in the trucks, asset tracking devices fitted to trailers can greatly improve fleet efficiency through better utilisation of trailers.

Track boats, caravans, trailers, agricultural equipment and machinery, plant equipment and machinery - the list is endless.

Whilst some asset tracking solutions bring benefits every day, asset tracking can be used in other ways and can provide peace of mind.

An alert sent to your inbox or mobile to inform you that your caravan that has been put into storage for the winter is on the move. 

Battery powered and fixed wire tracking devices

Dependant on requirements, asset tracking devices can be powered by long lasting batteries or an external power supply through a wired connection.

Professional installation by our own Engineers will be to locations to either the interior or exterior of asset and devices are built to be durable a protected against tough environmental conditions.

Web based access to data

Our asset tracking solutions include web based platforms to locate and manage the tracking devices as well as the provision of a variety of reporting facilities.  The platforms are shared with our other personal and vehicle tracking solutions so are ideal for integration through a single system login.

We will be happy to provide further information or arrange an asset tracking demonstration, just get in touch and we'll get back to you.

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