900ALERT - Lone Worker Alerting and Tracking App

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If your lone workers feel threatened or in danger, you’ll never be left guessing their whereabouts again.

Working with either an Android or iPhone, once triggered, it tracks the whereabouts of the worker. Should they feel threatened or in danger they press the SOS panic button or shake the smartphone.

This immediately sends an alert to the other enabled devices where their location is identified and tracked in real time. This superfast and super-reliable application will become an invaluable tool to help defeat crime and greatly improve the safety of staff.

In addition, and an ideal compliment, is the track me management function which allows you to monitor and track the movements of your staff. Once they reach a certain location they press the track me button enabling you to follow their route in real time and verify their actions.


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  • Gives reassurance and improved safety to guards and lone workers
  • Send SOS alarm from on-screen or by shaking smartphone
  • Receive vibration feedback when panic alarm sent
  • Receive feedback if alarm is been viewed
  • Automatically send GPS updates after SOS alarm
  • Monitor real time on browser or smartphone
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  • Enables managers to track and verify workers movements
  • Activate from on-screen button
  • Monitor in real time in browser


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