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Personal Tracking

Protect and support employees, lone workers and individuals with personal tracking systems

More than ever before, organisations need to take steps to safeguard and take care of people for whom they have responsibility.  Over time, risks that people face in carrying out day to day duties have increased and the need for devices that can summon assistance has never been greater.

Personal Tracking and Alarms

There are many devices that can be used to summon assistance in the case of an emergency but many situations need the facility to locate an individual.  These may be as neccessity in the case of an emergency or it could be that your organisation requires a facility that allows an audit trail to confirm that a person was in a given location at a specific time - every organisation has different needs.   Our personal tracking devices combine both alarms and tracking and include the facility to be used as a mobile phone.

The personal tracking devices use GPS for location and GSM to transfer data from the device via the mobile networks.  For remote areas without mobile network coverage we provide a further option through our Satellite Solutions Division which provides a satellite tracking solution.

Web based access to tracking data and reporting

Our personal tracking devices share the same web platforms as their related asset tracking and vehicle tracking systems and therefore can be integrated with existing systems that may used in other areas of the organisation.

Offering real time location and monitoring the system can be used to set up geofences, show various mapping views and allow a range of reports that can assist in every day activities and help drive down the costs of managing a workforce.

If you would like more information about our personal tracking systems or would like a demonstration, get in touch and we will get back to you.

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