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Reduced cost, feature rich and low maintenance site phones - wireless and desk phone solutions via Satellite Broadband


Using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology for making calls over the internet is becoming increasingly popular for many businesses and organisations and is more than just a way of transporting data, it’s also a tool that simplifies and streamlines a wide range of business applications.

Powered by our 900SAT Satellite Broadband we provide a number of options for your site to benefit from site phones that utilise the internet connection and it's capacity to provide a cost effective and efficient phone system to connect your on-site teams and external contacts.


What are the benefits of using VoIP phones on your site?

Reduced Costs

One of the biggest advantages of switching to VoIP is the cost savings your business will achieve.
Using a VoIP phone is much cheaper than conventional analogue systems as you are using the internet to make phone calls. This is also great for companies making long distance phone calls. There is no longer a need for several teams to manage a data network and another to manage a voice network.

One Number

No need to continue giving out multiple contact details. Callers are able to contact you on your main business number wherever you are, no matter what device you are using.

Low Maintenance

No more having to wait for the phone company to come out and repair. With VoIP if you lose your service it’s likely to be due to the internet being down.

More Features

Some of the standard features you can get with VoIP include caller ID, Call Forwarding and 3-way calling just to name a few. You pay less money by switching and get all these great features on top.

Ability to log in worldwide

Log in from virtually any broadband location worldwide over a PC or compatible wireless enabled mobile device and be contactable at your normal telephone number.
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