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Satellite Tracking

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A feature rich powerful tracking system by satellite

Many tracking systems use GPS (Global Positioning System) and therefore it can be an assumption that they are a satellite tracking system.

However, most rely on mobile or radio networks to transfer data to and from the tracking hardware.  This leaves areas where the device will be lost until it comes back into coverage.  In most cases, for example with vehicle tracking, this is not usually a concern as the mobile networks have considerable coverage of road networks and as soon as coverage returns, stored data is transferred bringing the system back up to date. 

However there are many applications where tracking is required within these "gaps" or where use is required in unpopulated and remote areas such as moorland, mountains and at sea to name a few.


A need to know

There are times when you need to know where people are.  If the worst was to happen the fast location at, for example, an accident scene, is vital.

Utilising the Iridium Extreme™ satellite phone, our satellite tracking system locates the handset via GPS positioning and transmits data via a satellite to a central server and global hub.

The satellite tracking system features a web based mapping and tracking accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.  The system also offers two way messaging with format translation and routing. It also provides a gateway to the terrestrial messaging systems and includes SMS, Email, Twitter, Facebook and RSS.

You can find out more at our 900SAT website or get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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