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Satellite Broadband

satellite broadband installation content imageA broadband solution for when conventional options just don't work

Not to be confused with conventional broadband, fibre optic broadband, mobile broadband or that delivered by satellite TV providers, our satellite broadband is for situations where other methods cannot deliver coverage and service.

Satellite Broadband with up to 22Mbps download speed, anywhere

Our satellite broadband brings an internet connection to remote areas, areas without current services and is an ideal solution for projects where utilities and infrastructure for onsite connectivity is cost restrictive or impractical.

Utilising satellite technology we can provide a broadband connection anywhere provided there is a power supply and suitable location to mount a satellite dish that has unobstructed view of the sky (as with satellite TV).  

Branded 900SAT our satellite broadband is delivered by our Satellite Solutions team. The basic package includes a satellite dish with LNB, modem and standard installation. Additional options are available as add ons such as Wireless routing and VoIP call packages. Installations are carried out across the UK by our own Engineers.

No sharing - unless you want to!

The broadband connection comes straight into your property via your dish. No cables from an exchange, no branches off to everyone else in the area.

In outlying communities some of our customers choose to share their connection by adding wireless capability, others want their connection available to colleagues across a site.  

900SAT satellite broadband can be adapted to provide a range of functionality with some of our customers benefiting from integration with other products and services we provide such as multi site communication and CCTV.

More information?

We have a range of value for money packages and for more information we have a dedicated website - use the microsite link at the top of the page.

Of course, like other products and services we provide, our satellite broadband may not be the right solution for everyone and we don't want to provide a broadband service that won't meet your expectations.  

That's why we are keen to get straight to the point and discuss your needs.  If we don't believe it is suitable, we will tell you.

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