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The most versatile multi-purpose respirator system on the planet.


RPB - Z-Link

The only product in the UK that ticks all the boxes!

From welding and grinding to chemical handling, the Z-Link® serves the widest spectrum of industries and applications on the market including welding, grinding, pharma and chemical handling. Certifications include: NIOSH, CE, ANSI Z87+, ANSI Z89.1, ANSI Z87W and DIN plus. This is more than a product. It's a system. Engineered to advance your safety. Designed to increase your productivity.

Work in comfort with the first-ever padded welding helmet.


TACTICAL ADVANTAGE OPTIMUM VISION | Operate with a widened perspective.

The Z-Link® provides greater visibility in a multi-purpose respirator. Featuring exceptional downward and peripheral vision combined with a visor that hinges open for free air breathing and easy communication.


Key Features:


    • A fully padded, lightweight, and comfortable respirator which staff can wear for long shifts of 8 hours plus. No excess weight on the head.


    • Head tops moulded to conform with White, Blue and Black recognition.


    • Built in two way communication.


    • To last a shift of up to 12 hours.


    • Easy to strip down, clean, and keep in service long term.


    • Ability to attach welding visor and different capes.
    • Air deflector for airflow adjustment
    • Reversible brow pad allows the choice of soft touch (smooth) or optimum comfort (fluffy) finish
    • Fixed jaw ensures secure cape attachment

Choice of 6 Anti-Fog and Scratch Resistant ANSI Z87+ visors:

    • Premium Clear
    • Green Tint (Shade 3)
    • Green Tint (Shade 5)
    • Yellow Tint
    • Black Tint
    • Mirror Tint

Choose from 2 cape options:

    • Full Bibbed
    • Face Seal

3 Cape Materials Available:

  • Tychem® QC
  • Tychem® SL
  • Zytec® FR

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