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3M™ Versaflo™ - Powered Air Respirator Systems

3M™ Versaflo™ Respirator Systems are a comprehensive approach to worker protection systems based on comfortable to wear modules and communications equipment can be used alongside these systems


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Many users of half and full facepiece respirators are taking a second look at powered air systems for reasons that go beyond mere compliance. Versaflo™ Respirator Systems are a comprehensive approach to worker protection systems based on comfortable to wear modules.

All-day comfort

Pressure on the face, breathing resistance and heat build up are all greatly reduced when compared with non-powered and supplied air tight-fitting face pieces, creating all-day comfort for the user.

Integrated protection

Safety managers can configure modules and accessories to help protect users from a variety of combined hazards.

Modular means versatile and it’s easy to select and build a 3M™ Versaflo™ system.

Dedicated to worker protection, 3M delivers protection products that are high-quality, high-comfort, professional grade equipment.

Each system has three easy to select modules — an air delivery unit, a headtop and a breathing tube — resulting in a system that can be combined into dozens of system configurations. It is the ultimate in flexibility for handling changing user environments, needs and comfort preferences.

The Easy 3 - Easy to select, Easy to use, Easy to maintain

For instance, most replacement parts can be installed by hand or with common tools (like a screwdriver) in a matter of moments.


Versaflo™ Powered Air Respirators

Versaflo TR-300 Powered Air Respirator front view

Versaflo™ Powered Air Respirators

The lightweight 3M™ Versaflo™ TR-300+ Powered Air Respirator is the key to an easy to use, versatile respirator system for environments with hazardous particles.

  • Lighter and smaller - with a slim profile designed for use in tight spaces the unit weighs only 1135g (including particulate filter, high-capacity battery and standard belt).
  • Controlled airflow - sophisticated electronics keep the factory-calibrated airflow at a nominal 170 l/min, eliminating the need for regular calibration by the user. Even as the battery discharges, or the filter becomes loaded with particulates, the unit delivers a steady flow of air.
  • Simple yet comprehensive controls - battery charge and particulate filter loading status indicators. Audible and LED alarms signal to the user when there is either low battery charge or low airflow; for example, due to a fully loaded particle filter. LED lights on the battery itself indicate its charge status.
  • Intelligent power - lightweight lithium ion battery quickly charges and has no memory effect. Up to 6 hours run time on standard battery or up to 12 hours with high capacity battery. Intelligent chargers help maintain optimum battery performance.
  • Straight forward, minimal maintenance - all maintenance can be done by hand. The battery, filter and pre-filter can all be changed quickly and easily.
  • Options for diverse environments - various filter options. For welding and grinding applications, a spark arrestor reduces the risk that sparks and other hot materials will come in contact with the filter and motor. Belt and battery options. Single or 4 station chargers.

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