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Radio Hire for Events

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A radio hire service for events that is designed to meet the needs of Event Planners, Event Organisers and Events Teams.

Your event is special, you want it to be a success, something people will remember for all the right reasons. We provide comprehensive radio hire solutions developed around the needs of our customers.

Whether your event venue is a small country show, a concert at a large arena, a sports stadium or covers a wide area that challenges back to back radio coverage, let us help you deliver your next event.


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Why hire radios for your event from us?

We've been around a long time (over 35 years) and delivering radio hire packages for events is a major part of our hire service.

We work with all sorts of organisations - from village show committees to some of the largest event organisers in the UK. We also work with a number of charities, large and small.

During the busy events season we will provide radios for a wide range events; shows, concerts, sports, fundraising and more, both indoors and out, all over the country. Some big, some small but all sharing a common requirement well maintained equipment - where you want it, when you want it, how you want it.

Support Services

Radio hire is only part of what you need to organise and we aim to make it that bit easier for you. Where required, an experienced event specialist will support you to help plan and deliver on your requirements and expectations.

Our radio hire service is scaleable. For larger events with more complex requirements we have the resources and people to ensure we can manage and deliver when it's time for the event. Our engineering team will be involved; designing and testing systems and in some cases they may be at the event; managing equipment and ensuring the radio system provides the levels of service and coverage expected.

We know that on larger events the management of radios creates challenges for your on-site organisers. We can help with this by labelling radios to your requirements. We also offer Barcode Scanning. This facility can significantly reduce losses through "accountable allocation" of radios - particularly where you are using sub-contracted organisers and support crews. We are able to provide a simplistic solution for logging your radios to and from on-site personnel. This can be provided on site as a hire solution or in addition we can provide our own staff to operate this system for the duration of your event.

Large stocks, varied technology

We have one of the largest managed fleets of hire radios in the UK, all subject to stringent quality controls.

We can provide analogue, digital and ATEX approved hire radio dependent on your needs.

Our hire fleet is well maintained and carefully managed to ensure we can provide sustainable stock levels throughout the year. We hold stocks of portables radios, mobile radios, repeaters and associated infrastructure equipment to meet needs from basic back to back communication to large trunked systems.

Hire Packages

Our event hire packages are flexible to help you make the radio hire meet the needs of your event.

Radios are supplied with chargers with options on a range of accessories and spares.

if you need on site services, we can do that - our Engineers are used to attending and supporting events all over the country.


Not sure and need to know more?

Please get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide more information or provide details of events that utilise our radios.


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