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Event Footfall Analysis

Need to know footfall at your event?

Combined with up to 6 wireless cameras per server and up to 300 metre range, our intelligent Footfall Software can provide an exact people counting function. The system provides professional analytics and replaces any traditional systems such as manually recording or infrared detection.

Key Features

  • Supports bi-directional or single-directional people counting
  • More than 90% of detecting accuracy rate
  • Perfect for Events and Exhibitions
  • Rapid Deployment site install
  • High quality weatherproof camera units
  • A range of mounting solutions to be used at pinch points or to monitor entire crowds
  • Configuration allows the system to be set up based on break line, zones or areas
  • On site or remote monitoring
  • Reporting service available for post event documentation
  • Vehicle counting results based on different object sizes from GV-Smart Boxes
  • Real time, daily, monthly, yearly counting reports and graphs
  • Counting results query from iPhone, iPad, and other Android based mobile devices
  • Remote playback of recordings from GV-Systems
  • 4 languages supported: English, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese


Downloads (requires a pdf reader)

No internet connection available? Our 900SAT satellite broadband will get your event site connected in no time at all - no matter how remote or congested the location.

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