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Communication and Security Solutions for the Events Industry

We've been providing products, services and support to the events industry for many years.

From the smallest to the largest events we provide a range of solutions developed to meet the needs of our events industry customers.

Initially providing two way radios and megaphones for use at events, over the years we have developed a range of solutions that have been tailored to meet the wide range of communication and site security requirements an event typically needs. By providing a range of products often required at an event, this has helped our customers streamline their buying processes.

Supplying equipment from a range of manufacturers we have in-house and field based engineers experienced in delivering off the shelf and bespoke solutions for event locations. We also provide in-house technical and customer support.

We are a long standing member of the National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA).

Follow the product specific links below to see how your organisation could benefit from utilising our products and services:


  • Two Way Radio Hire for Events link image

    Two Way Radio

    Two way radio equipment, systems and accessories are widely used at events. With the added functionality of digital radios they offer enhanced features that can provide added benefits at events.


  • Satellite and 4G Broadband for Events link image


    Satellite and 4G Broadband connections to get event sites quickly connected to the internet.


  • CCTV Systems link image


    Wired and wire free site CCTV systems for use at Events. Site Tower Cameras. Monitor site activity from your mobile.


  • WiFi for Events link image


    Wifi and Hotspots for use across event sites.


  • Wireless Payment Terminals for Events link image

    Wireless Payment

    A range of phone products for construction site usage. VoIP systems and satellite phones.


  • Footfall Analysis for Events link image

    Footfall Analysis

    Site printers. Be more productive when processing your on-site documents internally or from your construction site to others - without the need for an on-site computer.


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