Sitecam900, a Rapid Deployment Site Security Tower Camera

Sitecam900 rapid deployment site camera

Onsite surveillance and monitoring - See, Respond and Take Action.

This purpose designed on-site security product combines CCTV with motion sensors, alarm, remote monitoring and PA to warn off intruders.

With its retractable tower the Sitecam900 is rapidly deployed to provide an efficient and cost effective security solution without the need for fixed communications infrastructure. The only fixed requirement is a power supply and a surface to stand it on - the unit is adjustable for uneven ground.

Flexible on-site security

As quickly as the Sitecam900 can be set up this rapid deployment site camera and security solution can be easily deployed to another location on the site.

This makes it an ideal solution for situations where it is required as a temporary solution or for circumstances where as the site expands and changes, the unit can deployed to a new location, negating the need for complicated and expensive work required with traditional on-site CCTV and security systems.

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