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Body Worn Cameras

Lone Worker Safety - help protect your employees and deter aggresive or offensive behaviour.




  1. Protection: Body-worn cameras support the lone worker, promote confidence and provide a tangible backup in confrontational situations.
  2. Deterrent: They are proven to encourage compliance and prosocial behaviour through self-awareness.
  3. De escalation: Visual articulation that a user is recording often prompts modified behaviour by both parties that calms a situation.
  4. Safety: Reduces verbal and physical attackers on workers.
  5. Transparency: Contributes significantly to the safety for transparency and accountability at the public interface.
  6. Accuracy: Provides verifiable audio/video reporting including an overview of the scene, time-stamp, verbal exchanges, sequence of events and valuable first-account witness statements.
  7. Time-saving: Minimises lengthy descriptive reports and paperwork.
  8. Evidence: Footage from body-worn video devices is admissible through the judicial chain.
  9. Accelerates the judicial process: Increases prosecutions and early guilty pleas.
  10. Reduces complaints: Members of the public are less likely to make spurious complaints against workers.
  11. Reduces absenteeism: All the above improve worker health and safety, working conditions and promotes mental well-being in vulnerable staff.
  12. Saves time and money: The combined benefits of body-worn video contribute to efficient workflow and cost-saving.
Body worn camera images


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