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Type: Visitor Management System

Supplied with:
Touch Screen Monitor, 900EntrySign Software, Power Supply & Thermal Label Printer. Other options available, please enquire.

The Solution:

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Touchscreen PC:

A compact 15.6-inch LED-backlit display for crystal clear image.

Built-In Camera:

Take a picture of visitors, and also read QR codes for quick visitor sign in/out.

Label Printer:

Quickly produces durable visitor badges. Thermal printing means no ink needed.
(Models may vary)

RFID Card Reader:

Universal contactless reader for rapid sign-in/out.


A range of desk and wall mounts available to suit your needs.

Features: (Varies depending on package.)

  • Track pupil late & absences with optional pass printing.
  • Staff receive email alerts to let them know instantly their visitors have arrived.
  • Event management allowing visitors to sign-in to events. Variety of mounting options including wall or desk pole brackets.
  • Remembers’ returning visitor details within a set period making for a faster sign-in.
  • Contractor Management section.
  • Quick and easy visitor management with self sign in/ out.
  • Optional visitor policy acceptance page prior to signing in.
  • Optional photo & signature capture with photo ID badge printing.
  • Ability to pre-book visitors for even quicker sign-in.
  • Authorised visitors section for governors, supply staff etc.
  • Record & monitor staff CRB numbers and expiry dates.
  • Lunch choice options for late pupils.
  • Comprehensive back-office suite for administration & reporting.
  • One click fire evacuation report.
  • Simple to use with an intuitive user interface.
  • Very low running costs.
  • Search for visitor by name, company, date or vehicle registration number.
  • Digital accident reporting.
  • Staff swipe in/ out.
  • Can integrate with existing door access control systems.
  • Faster visitor sign-out using QR codes on the visitor pass.
  • Personalise your system in minutes.
  • Quick and simple self setup.
  • Simple touch screen signing in.
  • 1 Button fire evacuation lists.
  • Authorised absence pass for pupils leaving site.
  • Digitally records all movements of Visitors, Staff and Pupils.
  • Pre-book and print visitor badges with one touch.
  • Access live information from any computer.
  • Customised front screen.
  • Access a wealth of information with customisable reporting.


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900EntrySign - Are you ready for GDPR?

900EntrySign GDPR Deadline Banner

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is Europe’s new framework for data protection laws. Although the UK relies on the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998, the GDPR will be superseding these laws, introducing tougher fines for any organisations which do not comply. This will give individuals more control over what companies can and cannot do with their data.

How does it affect me?

GDPR applies to any organisation in the EU that collects, stores or processes any data. This includes data from employees, business partners, customers and visitors. The GDPR’s main concept and principles are similar to that of the DPA however, there are new elements and significant enhancements so, you will have to carry out new procedures or modify existing ones. Below are a few examples of the rights individuals have with regards to their data:

  • Informed Consent - The right to be clearly informed why the data is needed and how it will be used. Consent for data use cannot be added to other policies or consent forms. It has to be explicitly granted and can be withdrawn at any time.
  • Right to Access - Individuals have the right to view all data collected and to obtain confirmation of how it is being processed. If your organisation handles a large number of access requests, you must consider the logistical implications of having to deal with requests efficiently.
  • Correction - This is where individuals have the right to correct data if inaccurate.
  • Erasure - The right to request erasure of one’s data.
  • Portability - The right to retrieve and re-use personal data for your own purposes and across different services.
  • Children - You should start thinking now about whether you need to put systems in place to verify individuals’ ages and to obtain parental or guardian consent for any data processing. This could have significant implications if your organisation offers online services to children and stores their personal data, especially through MIS systems.

It has to be made clear that it is not possible for a product to be GDPR compliant. Organisations are required to comply with GDPR.

900EntrySign helps your organisation become GDPR compliant in relation to your visitor management system. The forefront of your organisation records information about all visitors, staff, contractors and whoever else enters the premises.

Our range of 900EntrySign systems benefit from various features which allow you to record, process, access and store data.


Preparing for GDPR

900EntrySign Information Icon
Information you hold

Our Back Office Suite allows you to know what data you are holding and where it came from. Integration with MIS systems allow you to know who you’re sharing the data with too.


900EntrySign Individuals Rights Icon
Individuals' Rights

Every person has the right to access, erase and data portability. 900EntrySign, allows you to gather all information about a particular person and is available at the click of a button.


900EntrySign Communicating Privacy Information Icon
Communicating Privacy Info

It is important to let people know how you intend to use their information. You can display your privacy notice on the 900EntrySign screen everytime new visitors sign in or out.


900EntrySign Right to be forgotten Icon
Right to be Forgotten

In the event that someone wants their data erased, you do not have to search through archives for visitor books and erase their name. You simply, search, find and erase with 900EntrySign.


900EntrySign Children Icon

GDPR will bring in special protections for children’s data and how it is shared. 900EntrySign integrates with all MIS systems such as SIMS. It allows you to blacklist data sharing for any particular student, which means the child’s, parents’ or guardians’ preferences are met.


900EntrySign Consent Icon

Gaining consent or refreshing existing consents (if they do not meet up to GDPR standards) is easier with 900EntrySign. On signing in individuals can be presented with a page explicitly asking them for consent. They can give this with a tap of a button.


The points made on this page are just a starting point to see how the features of 900EntrySign can benefit your company in complying with GDPR. It is, however, important to access resources from your organisation’s governing body, or local governing bodies to learn more about GDPR.

Some parts of the GDPR will have more of an impact on some organisations than others. It is important to map out which parts of the GDPR will have the greatest impact on you or your organisation.

If any of the points presented on this page relate to your school or organisation, please get in touch today so that our experts can provide you with further information and show you how 900EntrySign can help.


What is 900EntrySign?

The award winning touchscreen visitor management system.

Replacing traditional, paper-based visitor books often found on reception desks, 900EntrySign simplifies the process of signing visitors, staff and students in and out of your site.

900EntrySign prints customised visitor passes and at the same time captures important information which can be viewed at any time and used to generate detailed reports afterwards.

900EntrySign will improve safeguarding within your school/college, office or organisation. 900EntrySign has features for managing known and unknown visitors, contractors, staff, students/pupils and residents (each function can be enabled or disabled as required) providing you with a clear, instant and accurate view of exactly who is or was on your site at any point in time.

All 900EntrySign systems include front screen customisation featuring your logo, colour schemes, motto and even accreditation logos for a unique design which matches the look and feel of your school or organisation.


900EntrySign Visitor Management Icon

Checking visitors in and out has never been easier. Quick and easy visitor management with self-service touchscreen sign in/out.

900EntrySign User Interface Icon

Create a consistent brand identity with a front screen, fully themed by our in-house graphic designers.

900EntrySign Search Feature Icon

We have developed our search feature to be efficient, effective and easy to use so that you can search for visitors, staff or contractors by name, company or vehicle registration number.

900EntrySign Evacuation Report Icon

When an emergency situation occurs, you can make sure everyone is accounted for. With our one click fire evacuation report, you can make sure everyone is safely outside the building, and relay the report to multiple printers and or email addresses.

900EntrySign Warranty Icon

All of our 900EntrySign systems include a free one year warranty as standard. Supporting both hardware and software for that complete peace of mind. Extended support packages are also available.

900EntrySign Safeguarding Icon

Safeguard your organisation with the ability to look up historical data and even view photographs of your visitors and contractors, quick and easily, at any point in time.

900EntrySign Remote Set-up & Training Icon

We understand how important time is in a busy environment. Your 900EntrySign system will be configured remotely and provide online training, at your convenience.

900EntrySign Bolt-Ons

900EntrySign Bolt-Ons

Our range of bolt-ons allow you to customise your 900EntrySign system. Whether you'd like to print your own ID cards or would like to have an RFID terminal in multiple places on site, you have the freedom to choose what you want out of your visitor management system.

If there is something you would like to add to your 900EntrySign system, but can't see it in here, get in touch and we will provide you with the best solution possible.



900EntrySign RFID Reader Image
900EntrySign RFID Terminal

The 900EntrySign RFID terminal is a compact, contactless terminal which provides functionality where a full touchscreen is not required, or would like additional terminals on your site.

    • Discrete networked terminal for use with Mifare RFID card and fobs.
    • Perfect for staff entrances where the full functionality of a touchscreen is not required.
    • Can be used for staff, authorised visitors, approved contractors and students.



900EntrySign ID Printer Image
900EntrySign Integrated ID Printer

900EntrySign features an integrated ID card designer which makes it easy to create ID card layouts for ordering or printing in-house.

    • Create your own ID card layouts within 900EntrySign.
    • Capture staff and authorised visitor photographs directly into the back office suite using a webcam.
    • Quickly and easily order new or replacement cards directly from the back office suite.
    • Print your own ID cards with the optional ID card printing bolt on - no third party card printing software required.



900EntrySign QR Code Scanner Image
900EntrySign Dedicated QR Code Reader

The dedicated 900EntrySign QR Code Reader quickly scans customers and visitors codes from different types of media.

    • Faster QR code acquisition.
    • Reads faded and creased QR codes from pape.r
    • Reads QR codes from phone/mobile device displays.
    • Ideal add-on for high visitor volume environments and events.



900EntrySign Live Image
900EntrySign Live

Introducing 900EntrySign LIVE cloud-based evacuation & roll call Simple to use and clear, 900EntrySignLIVE provides evacuation and roll-call functionality from any internet connected devices such as iPads, tablets, phones and even laptops.

    • Using our new web-app you can quickly and easily see exactly who is on your site at any time from anywhere in the world.
    • Initiate an evacuation roll call instantly with the very latest data synchronised from your local 900EntrySign system to the cloud.
    • 900EntrySign LIVE is an electronic equivalent to traditional paper-based evacuation reports and provides a clear, easy to read overview of people who are signed into your site organised by type (e.g. visitors, staff, contractors, pupils etc.).
    • Interactive roll-call functionality allows you to check people off, marking them as safe and provides an overview of who has been accounted for, and a clear visual indication of any persons who haven't.


Downloads (requires a pdf reader)

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