Vodafone One Net Express

Business calls are important - never miss one again. With One Net Express from Vodafone, you get to take your business calls as if you're in, when you're out!

Perfect for small businesses, One Net Express delivers landline calls straight to your mobile so your customers can contact you anywhere.  You can even get multiple landlines delivered to your mobile - a cost effective way to create a "local" business presence without the cost of setting up new offices.

One Net Express - the benefits

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For your business
  • Link your current landline, or others, to your mobile
  • If you operate in specific areas, get local landline numbers straight your mobile
  • Never miss a call again
  • Keeping it simple with one bill
For your customers
  • Take customers calls wherever you are
  • If you can't take the call, get it diverted to someone who can
  • If you still can't take the call, utilise one voicemail for your landline and mobile numbers

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Take control of calls from your customers with One Net Express from Vodafone - get in touch to find out more.

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