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3M™ Versaflo™ Respirator

Respiratory protection with our Versaflo Respirators

3M™ Versaflo™ Respirator Systems are a comprehensive approach to worker protection systems based on comfortable to wear modules and communications equipment. Thanks to their modular design, each system can be designed and adapted around the bespoke needs of the end user and tasks at hand.

Evolve your respiratory protection with our fully Network Rail compliant Versaflo Respirators; providing protection from particles, vapours, and gases without compromising on comfort. 

Many users of half and full facepiece respirators are taking a second look at powered air systems for reasons that go beyond mere compliance. Versaflo Respirator Systems are a comprehensive approach to worker protection systems based on comfortable to wear modules.

All-day comfort

Pressure on the face, breathing resistance and heat build up are all greatly reduced when compared with non-powered and supplied air tight-fitting face pieces, creating all-day comfort for the user.

Integrated protection

Safety managers can configure modules and accessories to help protect users from a variety of combined hazards.

Modular means versatile and it’s easy to select and build a 3M Versaflo system.

Dedicated to worker protection, 3M delivers protection products that are high-quality, high-comfort, professional grade equipment.

Each system has three easy to select modules — an air delivery unit, a headtop and a breathing tube — resulting in a system that can be combined into dozens of system configurations. It is the ultimate in flexibility for handling changing user environments, needs and comfort preferences.

The Easy 3 - Easy to select, Easy to use, Easy to maintain

For instance, most replacement parts can be installed by hand or with common tools (like a screwdriver) in a matter of moments.

Key Features:

  • Lighter and smaller - with a slim profile designed for use in tight spaces the unit weighs only 1135g (including particulate filter, high-capacity battery and standard belt).
  • Controlled airflow - sophisticated electronics keep the factory-calibrated airflow at a nominal 170 l/min, eliminating the need for regular calibration by the user. Even as the battery discharges, or the filter becomes loaded with particulates, the unit delivers a steady flow of air.
  • Simple yet comprehensive controls - battery charge and particulate filter loading status indicators. Audible and LED alarms signal to the user when there is either low battery charge or low airflow; for example, due to a fully loaded particle filter. LED lights on the battery itself indicate its charge status.
  • Intelligent power - lightweight lithium ion battery quickly charges and has no memory effect. Up to 6 hours run time on standard battery or up to 12 hours with high capacity battery. Intelligent chargers help maintain optimum battery performance.
  • Straight forward, minimal maintenance - all maintenance can be done by hand. The battery, filter and pre-filter can all be changed quickly and easily.
  • Options for diverse environments - various filter options. For welding and grinding applications, a spark arrestor reduces the risk that sparks and other hot materials will come in contact with the filter and motor. Belt and battery options. Single or 4 station chargers.
M-100 Faceshield

M-100 Series Facesheilds

For respiratory, eye and face protection:

M-106 | Features a comfortable faceseal for dusts, spraying and chemical processing. Fabric material: polyurethane coated polyamide.

M-107 | Features a flame resistant faceseal for applications with hot particles. Fabric material: flame resistant polyester.

M-300 Helmet

M-300 Series Helmets

For respiratory, eye and face protection:

M-306 | Features a comfortable faceseal for construction, chemical applications and heavy industry. Fabric material: polyurethane coated polyamide.

M-307 | Features a flame resistant faceseal for applications with hot particles. Fabric material: flame resistant polyester.

M-400 Helmet with neck and shoulder cape

M-400 Series Helmets

With shrouds. For respiratory, eye, face and head protection with additional neck and shoulder coverage:

M-406 | Features a highly durable shroud for construction applications and heavy industry. Fabric material: Nylon.

M-407 | Features a flame resistant shroud for applications with hot particles. Fabric material: Polyaramid.




3M™ Versaflo™ Peel-Off Visor Protectors - Box of 10



3M™ Versaflo™ Comfort Face Seal - Box of 5



3M™ Versaflo™ Prefilter, TR-3600 - Box of 100



3M™ Versaflo™ Particulate Filter - Box of 5




Orange Carry Bag

Key Features

    • Large main compartment
    • Detachable adjustable padded shoulder strap
    • Contrast handles and zip detail
    • Internal baseboard


BT-20 S&L Breathing Tube

Lightweight breathing tube that comes in two lengths and is easy to wipe down.


BT-30 Breathing Tube*

Self-adjusting length for improved fit for all wearers and reduced risk of catching and snagging. * BT-30 not approved for use with M-400 Headtop/TR-600 Powered Air Turbo combinations. BT-20S/L or BT-40 Breathing Tube should be used.


BT-40 Breathing Tube

Heavy-duty breathing tube.

POA125 MicroSD Card


MicroSD Card

Key Features

    • SQF-MSDM
    • 8 GB,
    • Class 10
    • UHS-1

POA192 Screen Protector


Protective Film

Key Features

    • Dimensions (mm) - 129.75*69.54*0.3
    • Operating Temperature - -30℃ ~ +60℃
    • Storage Temperature - -40℃ ~ +85℃
    • Material - PET



Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Key Features

    • Dimensions (mm) -157*71.47*0.33
    • -Operating temperature - -10℃ - +40℃
    • Storage temperature - -20℃ ~-+50℃

POA203P-Ex Connector Adapter


13 to 16 Pin Connector Adapter

Key Features

    • Connector adapter to use existing accessories of PD715Ex and PD795EX (with 16-pin connector) on new HP7 and PT890Ex intrinsically safe radios with 13-pin accessory connector
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