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Our retail solutions help ensure efficiency, safety, and theft prevention in store.

Lead up to Christmas

With busier periods closing in we are here to help, with our range of VoCoVo Go headsets and store integration, its now easier than ever to connect your team. With the push of a single button, you can now communicate with your members of staff from anywhere in your store. With the added ability to give your customers call points where they can easily access a member of staff with a single button, this means your customers get the help they need faster and easier than ever.


Elevate your retail store's security measures with our innovative body cameras and Two Way Radios, effectively deterring theft and enhancing loss prevention strategies. Our advanced body cameras provide high quality monitoring, capturing crucial evidence to discourage potential thieves along with protecting your staff. Coupled with seamless communication facilitated by our reliable two way radios, your staff can coordinate swift responses, ensuring a secure shopping environment and minimising the risk of theft incidents.


Keep your store and staff safe with our range of body cameras. While normal CCTV is great it is limited to being stationary, this means that depending on the angle of the incident things can get missed. With body cameras, the camera follows the action which means you tend to get clearer images of faces and what’s going on.


Security is important when it comes to most businesses but in retail it’s a huge part of keeping things running smoothly. Our comprehensive solutions empower your security team to maintain constant communication, enabling rapid response to potential threats or incidents. With these cutting-edge technologies at your disposal, you can ensure a safer shopping environment, instil customer confidence, and elevate your store's overall security posture.

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