Ninehundred's Halloween Fundraiser is back!

This year the team at Ninehundred took on the challenge to raise money for various local charities.

At Ninehundred, our commitment to giving back to the community is a core part of our mission. With Halloween presenting a fantastic opportunity to do just that, we decided to take it up a notch this year.

Along with decorating our entire office, we hosted a variety of games, quizzes, and challenges. The biggest being our fancy-dress competition, offering an array of enticing prizes. It was heartwarming to witness our staff decked out in spectacular costumes, all in the name of charity.

Our centrepiece event was our fancy-dress competition, featuring an enticing array of prizes. Challenging our staff to win the titles of best dressed, best group, and funniest costume, all with various prizes to be won. With that, we opened our photobooth in the office, offering our staff a great opportunity to showcase why they should be voted as the winner!

In a spine-tingling fashion, we raised funds by challenging our dedicated staff to unravel a meticulously crafted office murder mystery, immersing everyone in the thrill of detective work and fostering teamwork to crack the case.

Furthermore, we organised a Horror Movie Quiz for our employees, either solo or in teams. This quiz tested their knowledge of both iconic classics and contemporary horror films, allowing them to compete for some sweet treats.

As a complementary effort, we hosted an internal raffle, with a various array of Halloween themed prizes to be won, once again, helping boost the amount we raised for charity.

Find out what else we do for our community.

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